Friday, November 21, 2014

Early Christmas Gift!

Hello every one,
I got an early Christmas Gift last night!
Terri, Mark and I went to see GARTH BROOKS!!
Terri gave me the ticket over a week ago and the three of us went last night. It was a 3.5 hour drive to Greensboro N.C. and it was well worth it!
The MAN did a lot of his big hits and a few from his new album. It was a great show! I have always wanted to see one of his concerts, But never got the chance until last night.
I'm looking forward to his new album, and if I do not find it under the tree Christmas morning, I will be getting it the next day!
I'm so glad that he has come out of retirement and is making music again!
Terri made a lot of video's and if you go to my face book page, I will try to get some of them up over the next few days!


  1. What a wonderful early Christmas gift! I've always liked Garth Brooks and live is always so special. :)

    1. Leigh,
      I'm Vary happy to see that you came to see this post!
      The "GARTH BROOKS WORLD TOUR" was the best gift I have ever gotten! And to share it with great people was even better!


  2. I'm so behind on reading blogs! What a great gift! I am with Leigh, in that seeing someone perform live is so special. Hope you're holding up in the cold. It is darn cold up here!