Sunday, October 3, 2010

Had to make a move

Hey everybody,
Because of the new requirement from blogger to use a Google account to be able to access my blog, I had to set up a new account and shut down the old blog. So now I have to start fresh and try to incorprate some of the old posts here and add new ones. So if you are new to this Blog and want to see the old posts they are at "".
I was not very dillagent with posts in the past, but I hope that with the new blog I will make time in my schedule to get a new post in every day or so.
For thoes of you visiting for the first time, welcome! And I hope that you will come back offten to see how the worms are doing. Yes I said WORMS! Here on the farm I have started adding livestock with a herd of WORMS. Back in april I started with approx 5,000 "RED WIGGLERS" and now I would estamate that thier numbers are real close to 20,000 now. And they have been helping me reduce the amount of trash that I have been sending to the locale landfill. Because they eat all that I can produce. But more about that in a later post.
I know this is short for the first post, but I need some time to sort thrw the posts I made before and the pictures I want to post here.
So, I will talk to you later.

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  1. Hello worm farmer,

    Thanks for your input about my turkey quandary. We have actually not had any eggs as of yet....birds are still too young. We raise hens for eggs, and eat our duck eggs as well. I have been considering an incubator for the eggs, but here is the deal.....when you have two male turkeys and one female, the female rarely ever gets bred, because the males throw each other off to prevent it. So.....we might never have fertile eggs unless we eat turkey number 3. Hmmmmmm

    Thanks for stopping by,
    would love to see pictures of your lovely red worms.....we love worms here...even buy worm eggs to add to our veggie gardens each year!

    Bee Haven Acres