Friday, November 21, 2014

Early Christmas Gift!

Hello every one,
I got an early Christmas Gift last night!
Terri, Mark and I went to see GARTH BROOKS!!
Terri gave me the ticket over a week ago and the three of us went last night. It was a 3.5 hour drive to Greensboro N.C. and it was well worth it!
The MAN did a lot of his big hits and a few from his new album. It was a great show! I have always wanted to see one of his concerts, But never got the chance until last night.
I'm looking forward to his new album, and if I do not find it under the tree Christmas morning, I will be getting it the next day!
I'm so glad that he has come out of retirement and is making music again!
Terri made a lot of video's and if you go to my face book page, I will try to get some of them up over the next few days!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Terri's School Project

See, I did keep my word.
A few day's ago Terri asked me if I would help her with a School Project for her Photo class. Little did I know that she wanted to take a picture of me! But it ended up being 36 photo's! YIKES!!

Here is the final Picture she did and will turn in for grade

She titled it..."TOM AROUND THE HOUSE"
As I said, it took 36 shots to come up with this one. If your wondering, there are 17 of me in this one shot!
I think it's pretty cool! And the Pumpkin that I'm holding and the one on the steps is the same pumpkin (It's the one that I got from the plant I had come in the old Chicken yard!

So I better close for now and i just wanted to show you all the results of Terri's project.


Really!. I am back!

I mean it this time! Life can really knock you down. And I have to say I'm sorry to all of you who have followed this Blog over the years! I have been so out of it and all I seem to do is go to work and come back home to bed, Sleep and repeat!

Update on the Chickens...
18 laying Hens and they are still locked up in the Hen House. I still need to get a fence up and let them out to do what Chickens do! But I have to tell you that they are doing well and the Eggs just keep on coming!! Last year the flock of 8 Hens produced 1770 Cackle Berries...... well I added another 12 in early April and they have given us 2317 as of yesterday!! I sell some, Just last week I delivered eleven 18 count cartons to the Tidewater area in VA. And it's a good thing that we all like Eggs as we eat quite a few!

Terri is back in school and is doing well. She asked me to help her with a project for her photo class and I will be working on a post tonight to show you how that turned out.

The non-producing garden was just that...NON-PRODUCING!! I planted Potatoes, Onions, Beets and Tomatoes and nothing grew! I did get some  plants that came up in the compost, Tomatoes that were hit by our first frost the other night. And one Pumpkin plant that came up in the old Chicken Yard. It produced two Pumpkins, one of about 6 lbs and another that weighed a woppin 31.5 lbs!

I need to get off my lazy butt and get something done around here. I will work on that post latter today and hopefully get it posted tonight.

I hope that you will except my apology and will come back to see the other post tonight!


Monday, September 29, 2014

The worst that could happen!

I said that I would be back tonight and this post will be the hardest one I have ever written!
6 weeks ago my ex-wife was told that she had level 5 liver cancer and that there was not anything that could be done to treat it. She was going to die!
After spending the past month in the hospital, she decided that she did not want to die in the hospital and she wanted to go home. So a week ago we took her home and her care was taken over by Hos pic.
Her and my son Gerry have lived together sense our divorce to share expenses. He got up Sunday morning and she had passed sometime during the night.
We knew that she was going to die, but it happened so fast! We though that we had more time. Even the Doctors didn't think it would be this soon.
Her funeral was last Friday!
My Son is the one I am really worried about! they were really close and it hit him hard! But he is taken it one day at a time! And that's all any of us can do!

Kathleen Joanne Stewart
6 November 1956 - 21 September 2014


I know, Where have I been?
 As if my last post was not bad enough! I though that things could not get any worse! But They did!! And life went from bad too rock bottom!
This will be a short post just to let you all know that my internet service is back up as of this morning and I will be back up tonight to explain where I have been and how I am trying to bounce back! And how life keeps knocking me down!
But there is a small light at the end of the tunnel! I will explain latter.
For now, I will close.
Just wanted to let you all know that I AM BACK!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So very long!

Hey everyone,
I know it has been way to long without a new post. And the only reason I can give is that "LIFE SUCKS"!!

The homestead is under a financial burden right now and there isn't any reason to believe that it will get any better any time soon! The Hospital stay  (Two separate times ) that took place a year ago February nearly broke the Bank! And I got so far behind in other bills that I get 2 - 3 phone calls a day from people wanting $$ that I do not answer the phone that much.

And the homestead has been neglected because of it! I do not have much of a garden in this year. The heavy rains in early Spring delayed get the garden worked up and seeds planted. And now we are in a drought with very little rain and highs in the 80 - 90's. And on top of that my heat  pump has been down for over a year! I used a few space heaters in my bedroom this past winter and now have a window air unit in that same room!

You know back when I was young and stupid, I though I had plenty of time to start putting away for retirement. But now that I'm old ( Saturday will be my 61 Birthday!) and stupid, It never happened. And I'm still working a full time job just to try and get a head a little bit.

But that's what my life is like! And I really did not want to post about that at all! I do want to let you know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth and that there are a few things that are still going on here! As the following photos will show!

As I posted earlier, I got 12 new laying Hen back on February 28th and this photo was taken the day I moved them from the brooder to the Hen House.
They will be 11 weeks old this Friday and still have a few weeks to go before they will start laying. This gives me 20 layers in the flock. The 8 older girls have been laying 5 eggs a day on average and have produced 810 eggs so far this year. I have been able to sell a few cartons of eggs and this has helped to pay for the feed!

And this is my sorry looking garden. Onions in the raised bed and Potatoes in the tires.


And this is the raised bed I set up to plant Tomatoes in. I set up two of theis and planted two plants in each.  They are not doing very well and what fruits that did start to grow were taken by the Crows! 

This past winter was really hard and a lot of the plants that normally come back each year did not make it threw the cold weather. One plant that did not make it was a gardenia plant that Terri had in her front yard. This plant was at least 11 years old and had been coming back each year bigger and produced more flowers each year. But not this year! A lot of people lost the same type plant!

So Life goes on with a lot of bumps and lows. And I just couldn't find the energy to get a post up until now! And I'm sorry if I sound like I'm crying in my beer (Can't afford that eathier!). But I will try to get a better post up in the next few days!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Will it never end?

In my last post I said I had a 3 day week-end coming and I would spend the 3 days building fence panels for the Dogs yard and the New Chicken Yard! What is the old saying "The best laid plans of mice and men".

The first day off was Sunday and it was a really nice day. I got some pallets broke down and a
lot of the wood stained (I love this DIY stain!). Also got some of the wood that I could not use burned.

But yesterday the Sun never shined. When I got up, It was overcast and it looked like rain. But I still wanted to get something done. So out to the pallet area I went and after I got all the tools out, Here comes the rain!
My work shop is so full of wood that I can not work in there, So everything was out side! And with an extension cord from the house as my only power source and the chop saw out in the rain, I called it quits for the day. Put it all away and came into the house.

Then late last night (about 2200) the real storm hit! A line of thunder storms that dumped a lot of rain and had high winds (gusts up to 40 MPH!!), Lasted for over an hour!

And this is what it look like first thing this morning......

Yep, the swimming hole is back!

This is the only part of the garden I have been able to get planted! The tires are planted with two kinds of potatoes and the raised bed has onions and Beets!

And this is the area I call the pallet work area. It's flooded too!
They are calling for more rain and Thunder storms for the next 3 or 4 days. And I know that somewhere down the road we will have our normal drought period, But does not look like it will get here any time soon!

What I really need is another building, bigger than the one I call the Work Shop (12 X 16) that I can at least move some of the pallets inside to work on. And it has to be big enough to allow me to move all my power tools in too!

I went by the place where I got the Work shop to see if they had any returned buildings on the lot and found two that would be perfect. Much bigger then what I have now, But there is no way I can work ether of them into my budget right now or in the foreseeable future! So another building will have to go on my wish list and wait until I become Rich and Famous!

So today I will do laundry and use the dryer because the Sun will not make an appearance today! And maybe I will do another post, An update on the new Babies That I really need to get out side and out of the brooder!

Until then, Maybe I need to think about getting a set of water wings!

Monday, April 21, 2014

This is too cool!

Ha, Bet you did not expect to hear from me again tonight? But I said I would post again tonight with something really cool to show you.

I posted a while back that I had found a place near by that is letting me haul away pallets by the truck load. And I have all kinds of projects I want to build with them. The main thing I have to build is a fence for the new Chicken yard and a fence for Terri's Dog yard.
Her three Dogs go thou wire fencing like it was not even there! So I though a wooden fence might be better. And the pallets are 30" X 30" and mostly white Pine.

Here is a picture of one of the pallets I get by the truck load.
I break them down with my "Pallet Pal" (see earlier post) and a wreaking bar. And yes there are a lot of nails to pull too, But I will reuse them too!

Here is the first fence panel I put together. I will stack one on top of the other and side- by side, using deck screws.

But because it is Pine, I wanted a way to stain the wood and water proof the whole thing. I also wanted to keep the wood bees out! (They bore holes into fresh cut wood to build a nest where they raise a family!). So I asked Google. Is there anything that Google does not know?

And this is what I found!

Iron Oxide! And it's DIY for less then $3.00 a gallon! 
I take a gallon of White Vinegar and 4 0000 steel wool pads and place them in a bucket for 48 hours. The vinegar breaks down the steel wool and makes Iron Oxide. I then place it in a tote that is longer then the wood, place the wood in and turn it over a couple of times. Pull it out and lay it out in the sun to dry. There is a chemical reaction and the wood turns a dark brown.


And after!
Now this is not dark enough for me, So I wait until it is completely dry and then out them all back in for another go around.

And here is the first panel ready for the water proofing!
Google had the answer for that too! One part Diesel fuel to One part motor oil. Brushed on or it can be sprayed on with a paint gun. It will cost some $$$, but it can't be a high as some water sealant. But I will see!

Pretty Cool, I think! I'm thinking that I will some day put the stained slats up on the walls in my whole house! I dearly hate to paint drywall and I have always wanted to live in a log home. And this may be the closest I may get!

So, two posts in one night! How a bout that?

O' and another thing I got done today. I put together a fire pit, using recycled cinder blocks and bricks. Between the two posts I wrote tonight, I had to test it out! I got a good fire going and took the Dogs out to sit around the new pit. Also had a couple of BEERS while the fire burned and the Dogs curled up near enough that they were able to enjoy the warmth.

So, there you have it! The COOL thing I was able to use and pass on the information to you. Let me know if you try this stain!


Your right, It has been forever sense my last post! And it's all winters fault! Old man Winter just did not want to get gone! Here it is the 21 st of April and it's the first day of Spring for us here in the Coastal Region of N.C.
Cold and rain has been the norm and night time temps have been in the 3o's! Frost most every night! It killer the blooms on the Pair trees and I'm not to sure about the Apples! It was so cold this winter that it killed all the Gardenia's. Terri had a plant that was 12 years old and now it's gone!
I started my garden seeds back in February and they are still sitting on the table under lights, waiting for the ground to dry out! And guess what? RAIN Tuesday!

This was my garden just last week
My Friend from next door felt sorry for me and my Garden and he was working a job the required the removal of a lot of dirt. See the dump truck in the upper left corner? Well he filled that thing up 3 times and dumped it in the garden!! And the very next day, It rained all day! That was 10 days ago. It was sunny and dry today. So he got out the big gun today and......
Got the job done!

Made the low spots disappear! (I hope!!)

Nearly done!

May not be pretty, But with a little work and raised beds in, it will be!
I will still use the raised beds, because I know that there are a 1000 weed seeds laying out there waiting to stick their  ugly little heads up!

Come Hell or high water (RAIN!), I will get the potatoes and onions planted tomorrow and hope to get some tomatoes planted by the week end. The seeds I  started  did not do very well, So I guess I will have to get starters from in town!

I have not been Idel while all this nasty weather has been around. And In my next post later tonight, I will show you something really cool!
Until then,

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rain (AGAIN!) and COLD (AGAIN)!!

Last Friday was a really nice day, 73 degrees and sunny! I was able to get a few pallets broke down. The new tool is so amazing! The best part is it doesn't do a lot of damage to the wood or bend the nails. Makes it easy to recycle them!

But Saturday a front moved in and the rain started and the temps took a dive into the 30's! Here it is Tuesday and we have not seen the Sun in 4 days! And they are calling for more rain tomorrow! Did not get a lot done outside and will have to wait for the swimming holes to dry up and the ground to stop being MUD!

So, I though I would show you some pictures of the new Babies. They will be 3 weeks old this Friday!

All 12 seem to be doing great!

Starting to put on some feathers and color

Some more so then others. The one in the lower center, doesn't have much color yet.

But tail feathers are coming in too!
I'm not sure what breed they are, Just that they are RED PULLETS. And when I move them into the Hen House, I will have 20 layers!
The older girls are still locked up in the Hen House, But seem to be alright with that for right now. I get 5 - 6 Eggs a day and the totals for the year are 342! When I have 20 layers, last years totals should be blown out of the water! And I hope to get a regular customer list that will buy Eggs from me!
I have been thinking about getting a Rooster and turning him loose on the Girls and see if they will hatch out some babies for me next year.
So that is the update on the weather and the new Kids.
I will close by saying, SPRING IS COMING!! At least I hope so!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Tool (toy?) and The BIG SCORE!

Hey everyone,
If you are a regular reader of this Blog, You know that I love working with recycled wood. I pick it up where ever I can and use it for projects around the homestead. I have been trying to find a place that has a overabundance of pallets, But due to the fact that I live where I do makes it a long drive to get a truck load. But I have gotten a few and have started to break them down using a hammer and crow bar. What a pain in the neck! It takes so long to get them a part and I can really tear up some good wood.
So, I have been a fan of IZZY SWAN over at his You Tube channel  for quite some time. He is a great talent and has so much to show those of you that may want to do some woodworking! He has designed and built many a JIG that is used with his table saw (from turning tool handles, to turning logs into lumber!).

And this is where I got the idea to start to use pallets! He designed and built a tool that will break down a pallet in under 10 minuets! And I ordered one from him and it arrived yesterday!

This box was delivered yesterday about 3 o'clock. I have to admit I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

This is what was inside! The two wooden parts are 100 year old RED OAK salvaged from an old building! Some Assembly was required, But Izzy had a video at his web site that walked me thou it and it came together !
And this is the new TOOL/TOY!
Leigh, If you are reading this, I think Dan will appreciate this. A Tool yes, But also a piece of art! IZZY ,You did a great job ! It is only about 8 pounds and the metal forks have no problem with the pallets I have tried it on!
And this is the Name that Izzy chose to bestow upon his new Tool. The Red OAK is so beautifully  worked and the green forks make it stand out! I love the feel of this handle and the step has not had a problem with anything I have used it on!
The first pallet to be taken down by the "Pallet Pal"! Oak with twist nails. The Pallet Pal pulls the nails straight out with very little bending. So I can recycle them  too!
Less then 10 Min's later!
I sent IZZY an e-mail and told him that I would do a review of my new toy here on the Blog.
 IZZY, As I said you did a great job on this and I will be using the P.P. a lot over the next few months. On a scale of 5 stars, you get a 100!! As you can tell, I love this tool and your videos! I will return again and again to see what new things you will come up with next!

As far as the BIG SCORE.....
I said that I have been trying to find a place that will let me pick up pallets and last Monday I found it! And it is only 15 MIN"S away. There is a plastic plant just outside of town and I went by there to see if they had any pallets I could ask about. All they could tell me was no, Right?
But they said YES!!! I talked with the shipping manager and he said the because the pallets they had are smaller then the standard, (30 X 30) They could not give them away until now. They are a one time use pallet for the company and last year it cost them $5000.00 to have them removed and taken to a land fill. He was so happy that I wanted them, He offered me his own trailer to use to make a pick up

The first truck load that I got. There must be over 300 pallets that I can have!

And what do you think I will be using them for?

One of the first things will be a fence around the Hen House! After the predator attacks of two weeks ago where I lost two of my layers, the rest of the girls have been locked up in the new Hen House. As the weather gets warmer, I know that they want to be outside. So a new fence will be worked on over the next few days, If the weather cooperates! The above picture is my idea of a fence panel that is 30" X 30" and I will bolt two of them together to give me a 60" tall fence. I will also be putting a cover over the whole thing to keep my girls safe!
I want to stain all of this wood and will water proof it too. And if the wood does rot, It will be easy to replace it with something new!

IZZY, if you read this, YOU ARE THE MAN!! And I hope to some come see you and get you to sign my P.P. It really is an amazing tool and I'm glad I was able to get one before you sold out!

Leigh, I think Dan will love this!

And for all you others, go by IZZY's web site WWW.THINKWOODWORKS.NET. And check out his videos!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Ice Storm

I know I said that I would not be posting about the weather, But THIS IS NUTS!
Yesterday the high was 72 degrees and the Sun was shining. Terri even put wash out on the line to dry.

When I left for work last night it was still in the 60's! But when leaving work this morning, It was over cast and the temps were dropping. After getting a few hours sleep, I woke up to this!

Drivers side window on the truck!

Watch how you step here! Bottom of the steps.
Terri just got home from school and was telling me that the roads are already iced over and  there are a couple of cars already in the ditch on our road. Looks like this will be another night of work missed! The truck does not handle ice and snow well and I do not want to rick it!
All I keep telling myself is SPRING IS COMING! But you sure can't tell it from looking out side.

Went out to check on the older girls and collected 6 more Eggs. Total for the year is now up to 248!
And the new kids seem to be doing fine. I lowered the heat lamp down and the thermometer is reading 110, But the brooder is big enough that they can move away from the heat if they have to.

So another day in the wonderful winter of 2014! It has to get better, RIGHT?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Babies first DayYep

Bet you can't guess what came in this!
After our Predator attack the other night and the loss of two of my Hen's, I got up this morning determined  to get some new Babies! I wanted to at least get a dozen and I wanted to build a new brooder for them. So with what salvaged wood I had, I put together a 4' X 4' brooder and put it  in the storage room up stairs. It's also 4' high and I left a panel out of one side and placed a PVC panel in it's place. I use a couple spring clamps to hold it in place. That makes it easy to remove it to replace water and food for them.

When that was done, I put the heat lamp in place and I headed to the "Tractor Store". Besides the new Chicks, I got the starter feed for them and 2 bundles of wood shavings for bedding.

And here they are!
 12 Red Pullets. They put 6 per box and so I got to bring home two boxes! Not sure what breed they really are and will have to wait until they get older to tell. My hope is that they are brown egg layers.

I feel like a new "Poppa" with 12 new Babies!


See the one with it's head over the others neck? It seems to be the most aggressive,  Her favorite game is to sneak up behind the others and grab a leg and pull it out from under them. I can just see her laugh each time she does it!

Yep, That's her right there!

After a long trip home, all they wanted to do was sleep. But that didn't take to long and they all found the food when they woke up! Some of them stuck their heads in so far that their butts were in the air. LOL
I love Babies, But I hope they grow up fast and start laying! Maybe July or August?
I got 6 Eggs from my other 8 layers today and they seem to have adjusted to being cooped up in the new Hen House (No pun intended!).

Now I should have something to post about besides the weather and the cold!

I also got the seeds I ordered from "Burpee" today!

Two packs of "Tomato, Steak House" Hybrid. They are suppose to get up to 70" tall and produce fruit up to 3 pounds each. 50 seeds total and I need to get them started soon!
Also got "BEET" Dark Red, Medium Top.350 seeds. I love Beets and the greens are good too! I just got some at the store the other day and for 3 Beets it was $2.49! YIKES!
And one pack of "SWEET PEPPER", "Chocolate Belle", Hybrid. 30 seeds. I grew them years ago and use them a lot in cooking and in salads. They make the best "Stuffed Peppers". I need to get them started too!

Just went to check on the kids and saw that the lamp was to low and the temperature was at 105! So raised the lamp up some and will check it again later. But the size of the brooder lets them move away from the heat if they need to

OK, I guess that's it for now!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Down to 8

I had 10 just a week ago! Then there were 9! And now 8!
A Predator has found the Hen House and killed two of my girls. And the dam thing only takes the head and neck, Leaving the body behind to show the other Chickens what is in store for them if they were to remain in the old Hen House!
Last week I took Izzy and Holly to the Vet to be spaded and was told by the Vet to keep both dry as the stitches would dissolve when wet. So with all the snow and rain we have had, the only place I can take them outside is the driveway. No standing water there.
So I had Holly out and was near the end of the driveway and she made a lunge to the right. It was dark and what she had seen that I did not was one of the Chickens! Which ran back toward the Hen House. I took Holly back inside and got a flash light to see if I could find this Dumb A--! I went to Terri's house to get her to help me (She has a better flashlight then I do) and we found one of the "Brown Leg Horn" Hens trying to climb into a stack of pallets. I was able to get her and headed to the Chicken yard to put her away and Terri spotted another Bird sitting on top of the fence around the yard, It was Cuddles and it was easy for me to gather her in too! But I then knew that something was wrong as there were four more of the girls huddled in one corner of the fence.
I took the two I already had to the new Hen House and put them inside. Terri was looking around with the flashlight and spotted another one on the back side of the yard and it looked like it was trying to crawl out through a hole on the fence. But it was stuck and when I walked back there, I realized that it was dead! Head and neck were gone and it was stuck in the fence where our night time dinner had tried to pull her through!
We must have scared it off as I did not see it and I opened the back of the old Hen House to find another Hen sitting at the top of the roost. So the Predator must have gotten into the Hen House and grabbed one of them and scared the rest of them so badly that they made a dash for the outside! There were feathers all over the inside of the coop and some of the girls are missing tail feathers.
I got 6 birds into the new Hen House and locked inside. I have had the inside construction done for quite some time, But have not been able to get a fence put up around the new Chicken yard yet. There were still 2 girls not accounted for and we took a walk around to see if we might be able to find them.
As I walked across the front yard with Terri behind me, She spotted one of to my right and though it was also a goner! But as I got near her she turned her head to watch me and I was able to just pick her up. She was not hurt and I placed her with the others and tried to see if we could find # 8. But no luck and we though she must have been carried off.
We called it a night and went inside.
Terri called me early the next morning and told me that there was a Chicken running around out back. I could not believe that one had gotten out! And it hadn't, this was #8!  We just missed her the night before!
So all 8 are locked in the new Hen house and seem to be adjusting to the new place. I know they want outside and that makes the building a fence a must now. But it's not in the budget yet. SOON!!
Tomorrow I will be building a new brooder so I can get at least a dozen new day old chicks on Saturday from Tractor supply! I hope thy have  a decent selection to choose from?!
So, Predator 2, Hens 0!
It's my night to cook and I need to get over to Terri's and get started. Grilled Pork steaks, Oven fried potatoes, Collards and Apple Sauce! Yep, That sounds good!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

School Project

Today is another cold nasty day out. At 9:30 am it is 29 degrees out and we are to get a mix of rain and snow today. And the same for tomorrow!
So I though this would be a day to watch the Olympics, do some cooking and just veg out.
And post the promised "School Project" that I helped Terri do!

So Terri called me a couple weeks ago and told me about a school project she had to do and wanted to know if I had any ideas. She is a full time student at ECU and her major is Graphic Design . The Project was for her Photo class and was to be a story told in pictures and be 35 pictures long. And the pictures had to be taken with a real camera, 35 mm SLR (No digital pictures allowed!).
So I told her I would think about it that night at work. So I though that a story about some "Homesteading" project might work. She had to take the pictures, develop the film and print the pictures and place them in a binder in such a way that anyone could see the story.

So my idea was to make a batch of bread and take pictures of the process......
And this is what we came up with.....
(All of the pictures were taken with my digital camera for this post)

Greek Country Bread!
We got the recipe from a cook book and was something we had never tried before. And while we were at it we decided to make a big pot of Chile to have with it!

The ingredients and the "Stand mixer we used to mix the dough.
Following the recipe, we mixed the dough and got to the point of placing the dough on the island to knead.

Dough was pretty sticky at this point.

But it came together pretty nicely. I was able to work out some stress on the dough!
The dough was then placed in a bowl with a little oil to keep it from drying out. We preheated the oven to 170 degrees and then turned it off. Placed the bowl in the oven, covered with a dish towel and allowed to rise until doubled in size (about 1 1/2 hours)

The first rise! Looks pretty good!
So then I punched it down and did a second knead.

More stress gone! 
Once this second knead was complete, the dough was shaped into a log and cut into 6 equal sections and placed on a baking stone and covered with that same towel to rise again for 30 Min's.
It was then brushed with a little milk and the top sprinkled with sesame seeds and sea salt.
As a side note (a story in it's self)....

The pot of Chile simmering on the "NU Wave" convection cooker I got Terri for Christmas! It was a BOGO  deal and we really like this thing. Manly because we can set it to any temperature we want and let it cook! So this is what we a had for dinner that night. It was great along with the bread!

And right out of the oven! This is a pull a part type of bread and I have to tell you that it was very tasty! We will be making this again!
And now for the funny part of the story!....

Terri did all the photo work and I did most of the bread making. She took the required number of pictures with her SLR camera for the school project and the pictures you see in this post with my digital camera.
And the funny part you may ask!???...

So she had to do it all over again!! SILLY RABBIT!!

But I got to make a new type of bread and a pot of Chile and got to post about it!! I really like to cook and I like to bake too! And a new recipe is always fun to try. And this one was very good and will become one of the recipe's I can come back to and use again!

So that's the school project story. She got a good grade on the finished project and we got a good meal out of it to boot!

Tonight I have the night off from work and the responsibility to make dinner as Terri is in school and Mark (her husband!) can not boil water with out burning it!

So I think I will make Chicken/Broccoli Alfredo over Egg Noddles, A green Salid and of course BREAD! 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow, Snow and more Snow!

Well it snowed for most of the night and this is what it looked like when I first went out to start to shovel some.

This was taken from my front (side?) porch and some where out there is my driveway!
Did we get the 7 inches that was predicted? I took a ruler out and stuck it in several areas that seemed to be level and sure enough, 7 INCHES!

My truck with it's hat of snow!
After I got some of the stuff off the  windshield . Gives you a better idea of just how much we had ! It's a very dry snow and I was able to use a broom to get it off the truck.
I did not go to work last night. The road that I live on has not been plowed and it will not be for some time. I tried to shovel some of it out, But with the driveway being so long, that proved to be more work then I was willing to do today.
There does not seem to be much melting going on and the Temps are going to stay in the lower 20's! So any that does melt, will just refreeze tonight!
I will try to get the truck out tomorrow and turn it around to face out towards the road and leave it parked out by the road so I can get to work tomorrow night. I will have to work some overtime to make up for all this, But if I stay home, No pay!

As you can guess, the Chickens did not like all the white stuff!
It was noon before I went out to feed and water them and the two above were the only ones to come out for the bread I tossed out for them

There was one place that was clear of snow and I poured out some feed  there and got the rest of them out long enough to get something to eat.

But that didn't take very long and all but the two went back inside.
Of course both the water containers were frozen and the outside pan was solid ice. so I dumped it out over the fence and refilled it with very warm water, But they were not willing to stand in the white stuff to get at it. So I took the one from inside the hen house went into the house and placed it under hot water to melt the ice. It got a good cleaning and was refilled with warm water and returned to the coop! That one they ganged up on and got their fill of water. I will have to go out and refill it later, as it will not take long for this one to freeze up again!

At least one of my critters though the snow was great fun! we had a snow ball fight until he got cold and wanted to go back inside and lay in front of one of the heaters!

"Come on, DAD it's cold out here! Romeo rolled and played in the snow until he had enough!
We do not get this much snow. The last time was 3 years ago and when we do, everything shuts down! Schools and most stores do not even open their doors! It's pretty, But a big pain in the butt! We have been lucky in that we have not lost power! With my heat pump down, The three space heaters I use has kept the house warm enough so that pipes do not freeze. Keeping the water cracked and allowed to run also helps!

So for you who this would be normal winter weather, all of this is old hat! But for us that do not, We are hoping that Spring arrives early this year!!

So long from the new WINTER WONDER LAND that has become NORTH CAROLINA!