Sunday, April 17, 2011

A night of destruction!

Hello everyone,
Last night was a very worrisome night! I was at work and out at the truck gate and could see the the storm coming! This is the worst thunder storm to hit North Carolina and South/East Virgina in 27 years!
There are reports of 11 dead in the county I live in (Bertie) and the destruction is horrendous! The town of Coletrain is a few miles south east of where my homestead is and 3 members of one family are dead!
I have not been home in almost a week, I stay in town with a friend dunning the work week to save on the cost of gas (115 miles round trip each day was getting to be costly!). And I have been having trouble with my computer ( That's the reason I have not posted much lately).
So tonight I will go home after work and have the next two days off. I do not know if there is any damage or clean up to do. But my neighbor's would have called me if there were. So I guess that it will be two days of working out side on the normal corse's of cutting grass and getting more of the garden in. and get some worms sorted out to place in the new box I built for them last week
I hope to have my computer problems fixed in the next few days (I'm posting this from work), because I have a lot to up date you on and pictures I want to post So keep your fingers crossed

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