Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sad Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a very nice day. Had the day off the OHJ and was able to work in the garden all day. Terri made me a birthday dinner and her and Mark gave me a new PC and Printer. So I was ready to get some pictures today and make a couple posts to let you see how the garden is growing.
But I got up this morning and found that BOO-BOO my 15 year old cat had pasted sometime late last night. And because she had not been sick and I did not take her to the Vet, I dig her a grave out on the back 40.
I had just cut that area last week (first time in two years) and there were several maple and pine trees that I left growing out there. I pick a spot near one of the bigger maples for her last resting place.
Boo was my sister-in-laws cat and she picked her up as a stray back in 1996 and when we moved back to tidewater in 98, her and Boo moved in with us. Lisa pasted away in 2003 and I kind of inherited Boo then. So I lived with her for 13 years. She was a once person kind of cat and up until Lisa's passing she was the only one Boo would have any ting to do with. But afterwords, Boo became mine and she would come to me only if she wanted attention or food.
So I have lost another of my kids to the Rainbow Bridge this year. Bella in January and now Boo!
I know that death is part of life, More so on a farm/homestead, But that does not make it any easier!
Next post will be better, I hope!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your cat, but glad you two got to spend some time together. Hoping that she enjoys her next adventure!

  2. BTW, if you want a belated Birthday present.....don't forget to email me your mailing address so I can send you your Chicken Book!

  3. Oh Tom, I'm so sorry to hear that. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. Even harder to have lost two so close together, like you.