Monday, August 22, 2011

Mass Disruction!

If you read my last post, I showed you pictures of the Mellon bed and told you how well they were doing.
Well I left the Homestead last Wednesday for the job and returned home last night after midnight.

Got up this morning and this is what I found!

Crows had gotten into the bed and broke open several of the melons. Its not a total loss, But I had high hopes for this bed. And of course They got the biggest melons! I was able to harvest a few small ones and we made smoothies out of them tonight.
I have learned my lesson and next year the hole garden area will be enclosed in a hoop structure that will be covered with chicken wire.
Thees melons were the "Moon and Stars" type and some of them looked like they were going to be a real good size! But there are only 5 or 6 left and they are pretty small.
I have been using a deterrent spray to combat the Deer and Rabbits, But CROWS?
Well I guess I will know better next year!
So far this year, here are the crops that have been a flop:
Potato's....To hot and not enough rain.
Carrots.... Root maggots got to them.
Summer squash.... Bugs!
Pole beans..... Nothing, not one single bean!
Onions... Just disappeared!

I some times wonder why I even try!
Like they say.....MAYBE NEXT YEAR!?
I hope your growing season is doing better then mine.

Be good.. and if you con not be good, HAVE FUN!

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