Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunflower bed done

The sunflower bed is filled and planted. 60 bags of top soil and 4 bags of Pete Moss! The top soil was on sale at $1.24 a 40 lb bag. That's 2,400 lbs to fill this puppy!

We got 100 bags, for a total of 4,000 lbs. TWO TONS! We planted 4 sunflower types here:
"Skyscraper" in the back along the house. They can get to be 10' to 12 ' high.
"Autumn Beauty" in the next row. They can be 5' - 7' tall and will be a branching plant with multiple heads of different colors.
"Mixed Colors" in the next row. They can be 4' to 6' tall.
And "Dwarf Teddy Bear" in the last row. They can be 3' tall.
We also planted a Rosemary plant in each corner and lots of Marigold seeds along the outside edge as a deterrent to the Rabbits and Deed. I will rap the whole bed in Chicken wire and leave it in place until the plants are big enough that the Rabbits will lose interest in them.

Was it cheaper to get the top soil by the bag and not go with a bulk delivery? I don't know, But we were able to use "PLASTIC" money on this and get it while it was still on sale. We laid a soaker hose in the bed and will keep it moist until the plants start coming up!
So if all goes well, we will have sunflowers by July!


  1. I can't wait to see how this grows! Holy cow that is a lot of bags... I've found it always takes more than I think it will...

    1. PG,
      As of today, most of the seed have come up and I have enclosed the whole bed with chicken wire to keep the rabbits out. It seems to be working! When the flowers get big enough that the rabbits are no longer interested, I will remove the wire and start to support the plants.
      Then the only thing I will have to do is get to the seeds before the birds do!