Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple Sauce - Canning

As promised, Last Thursday I spent the day canning apple sauce and did some baking. Terri was at school in Greenville and I had the whole day to work at her house.

The start of the process. Peel, core and slice the apples and pears. I placed the peels and cores in a bucket on the floor (WORM FOOD!) and the apples went into the big pot that had a water/lemon juice mix to keep the apples from browning and to add a little tartness.

This is my version of a double boiler. The apples are placed into a 4 cup heavy duty  cup and  placed into the Microwave on high for 3 min. This cooks them a bit and pulls a lot of juice from them.
Kept peeling, coring and slicing with this hand crank tool and placed the peels and cores in a bucket on the floor (WORM FOOD!).

Where did this come from? Its what's  for desert.
6 Quarts and 16 pints was the final count. O' that's dinner prep's in the background. Manderin orange french toast with eggs and bacon. Sounds like brekfast for dinner to me! YUM!
Double chocolate "Tuxcedo Cake" Talk about YUM!?


  1. Your applesauce looks absolutely fantastic. So does your cake. Actually, your whole menu sounds pretty good. :)

  2. Applesauce for breakfast & cake for dessert!

  3. Well, you certainly do know your way around the kitchen! I got three bushels of apples from a friend - one for me, two for the sheep. Just finished my applesauce canning and can put away the canner for the year - hooray!

  4. Tom, I would like to respond privately to your comment on my post - but there is no way to send you an email. Pls email me at swomersley at gmail dot com.