Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grave's Mountain Apple Festival

I took a vacation day off work and we went to the Apple Festival at Grave' mountain inn and apple farm. This the 47 time the festival has been held and this time it was held over 3 week-ends. The picture above is of the Inn set on the hill side above the farm.

There are two streams that run through the farm and this one is at the base of the hill side below the Inn.

There were a lot of people out this year and there were a lot of vendors there as well. You can pick your own from the tree's or select what you want form the 9 varieties they have from big wooden bins set around the festival area.

 "Gala's", we took 2 boxes. And at $14.00 a box we got quite a few. We also got a box of "Grimes Golden! So later this week, it's apple sauce time!

Of course there were lots of apple treats to try and even apple butter to make!

The way they use to do it "Back in the Day"!
After we left the festival, we took a drive along the "Sky line Drive" a top the "Blue Ridge Mountains"

  The tree's are just starting to change and the yellows are the most prevalent right now, with a few reds and browns.

I sure wish that I could live in a place like this. The farms and ranches are located in such a pretty place and it would be a joy to work outside with this to look at each day!
 Thursday will be apple sauce day and I will write a post after we get the jars out and on the counter!

So where do you get your apples and which do you like to use for apple sauce?

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