Thursday, March 8, 2012

A guest post

Hello Tom's blogging friends,
I'm not necessarily doing this under duress, but since I have no clue what I'm doing, I guess I'm saying Tom kind of bullied me into it! I'm a photographer and have been having a field day taking pictures of the flowers that are popping up all over my yard. In previous years I have done art shows and sold my flower pictures there. Since I've taken this year off from art shows, these are done purely for the love of it. I have 2 different cameras I use and 2 different lenses and since we planted about 300 bulbs last fall, I'm probably going to wear my cameras out before I'm done! Tom also planted a Gala apple tree and a Golden Delicious Apple tree today and I hope that they produce more fruit than the 2 pear trees! lol So here are a few Spring flower pictures and a couple of apple tree pictures.
2 frilly centered daffodils and Tom's fingers (to hold them still!)

Bluish Dutch Iris

small daffodil

Peach and Yellow centered daffodil

Dark purple Dutch iris petal

Dark magenta and white pansy

Yellow crocus

Closeup of the center of a frilly yellow daffodil

2 pear trees (been in the ground for 4 years-had fire blight the last 2 year)

Tom's blurry picture of pear tree buds

New Gala apple tree

New Golden Delicious apple tree

Tom says to sign off anyway I want...something hokey like "Springtime in North Carolina".  I'll just say goodbye.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Well, except for Tom's blurry ones! :)
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....

  3. What beautiful spring color! The trees are great Galas are one of our favorites and we planted one a couple years ago too.