Friday, March 9, 2012

A Movie review

I watch a lot of movies. New ones, old ones, and I make my own list of movies that I will watch over and over again!
 I picked a new (to me) the other night at Wally World out of the the $5.00 bin and have watched it twice in the past two days!
"Taking Chance" with "Kevin Bacon" I give this movie 10 stars!
This is not a Guy movie or a chick flick. This is a movie for and about Americans and A nations reverence and gratitude toward its war dead.
It is based on the true story of LT. Colonel Michael Strobl USMC RET. as he volunteers to escort the remains of Lance Corporal CHANCE PHELPS USMC back to his home town in Wyoming.
This movie is the best that Kevin Bacon has ever done!! I have been a fan of his ever sense "FOOT LOOSE" and he out does himself in this one!
If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it. But be prepared to feel emotions that we as Americans do not look at very often, as they are very personnel and hurtful!
I for one felt a very strong feeling of PRIDE to be an AMERICAN and the very small part I played in the Military for 24 years!
Colonel Strobl was a marine, But first he was a Proud American. And I wish I could shake his hand!

I have just had the chance to watch the Special Feathers on this DVD. Comments from the Family, friends and the people involved with the making of this film.
It gives you a little bit of who Chance Phelps was and to what extent his life and death impacted all our lives!
I highly recommend that you watch this also!


  1. Oh you are so right about this movie!!! My husband and I watched several years ago and we were both so taken by it. Every US citizen should be made .... make that encouraged to watch it at least once. It was not what I expected it to be but I was so moved by it that it still floats around in my head. Kevin Bacon might be one of the best actors around as he can take on so many different parts ... a real character actor. He does such a great job in this one for sure. I hope others will read your recommendation and watch this movie.

    1. Karen,
      I got this DVD at Wal-Mart. I was just looking for something I had not seen before and the cover caught my eye. I read the back and desided to get it.
      I'm glad I did! I have watched it twice and the impact was as strong the second time around as the first.
      This is one I will watch again and again!

  2. We certainly enjoy a movie with our Friday night pizza. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Leigh,
      I'm sure you and Dan will be very glad that you have seen this one! Just make sure that you have lots of tissues within reach!