Sunday, June 24, 2012

First harvest of 2012

With the new JOB and working to get the Chickens out side, Work on the Garden has taken a back seat. The whole Garden was over run with weeds and the Deer had helped them selves to all the young tomato plants! There is one bed that they did not touch because the weed cover hid the plants.

But I did get some plants in (Garlic last October) and yesterday was the day to work in there and see what I could get. The day started out with fog and the temps went up to 89, sunny for most of the day, with a good rain shower late in the afternoon.
I got two beds cleaned out and ready for planting, which is on the plan for today.

Here are the pictures of the work that was taken care of yesterday:

Just a few Turnips! Some the size of softballs!

This is the first time I have tried Garlic. Planted last October  From two heads, I got 59 cloves and harvested 59 heads! Some were small, but there are some with two and three heads! I have a rack in the house that I will put them on to cure and then most of them will be placed in the freezer for later use.

The onion bed was over run with weeds. And I have never had any luck with them in the past.

But this time they even put out some flower heads!

Terri was saying that she needed to buy some onions at the store, So I harvested her a few. Yellow sweet and Red. I planted them in late March and they did  well!  

Flowers are blooming too! The Glads are in full bloom and I staked them so they can stand tall and reach for the sun!

And we have Mums in bloom. Mark got them last fall and when they died back for the winter, I had to fight with him not to pull the plants. I cut them back and added a layer of mulch. And come early spring, they started to put out new shoots. They are in big pots and are putting out flowers like crazy. You can see the other pot of them in the picture of the Glad above.

So, there you have it. The first harvest of 2012! Today will be more work in the Garden. Weeding and planting new tomatoes and maybe green beans.

In my next post I have a story to tell that I hope will have a happy ending! I will not know the ending until next Saturday!

Tomorrow is the start of week 4 of training at work. We have completed all three written tests and I got through them with a score of 100! But this week we start weapons training and qualification and we also have a physical test to run. So keep your fingers crossed that I do not have a hart attack before the week is out!



  1. There are people around here that SWEAR that deer won't eat tomato plants.....silly fools.

    Good garlic & onion harvest! Breath mint, anyone? :)

    What a tease, what exactly, is going to be happening that you can't even give us a hint about?

    1. Carolyn,
      Yep, they live in a dream world!
      I grilled one of the onions last night. A little Olive Oil and brushed with a little BBQ sauce, MY O'MY, Talk about Yuck an Fummy!
      The story is a Dog rescue that I hope works out. The Vet will decide this Saturday!

  2. Your onions look great! It's nice to be able to harvest something after all the work planting it. And yes, what a tease! Good luck with the physical - pace yourself!

    1. Susan,
      The test is over, and I made it without a hart attack!
      But talk about hurting! I long hot shower is called for tonight! Want to scrub my back?
      The story is about the Deer Hound I'm trying to rescue.
      You will have to wait for the post to hear the rest!

  3. So are you saying there's a chance the deer hound will be added to your family? Be sure to include pictures. We've got to see pictures!

    Love seeing the harvest you're getting from your garden. Good, home grown food!

    1. Hey Mama Pea,
      There is more then just a chance, I will not return her to anybody! They did not care enough to find her and I did!
      She is doing well and putting on some weight. Ticks and fleas are is there, but with a bath every other day, ALL ARE DEAD! I brush her each day and remove more and more. Soon she will be free of all the buggers and be allowed into the house, A real part of the family!
      Pictures to follow!