Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Carolyn over at karazoacres.blofspot.com asked for an update on "Annie". As you may know I rescued  Deer Hound back in late June and borough her home. Her and I have gotten into a retinue where after I get out of bed (day sleeper!), I let her into the house.
She first checks out Daisy's food bowl to see if there is anything left for her and then a drink of water. And then the Race is On to see who can get into my bedroom first! She jumps up on the bed and after a few turns, It's time for a nap!

So, Carolyn, here she is!

Just look at that face! She is really sweet! And happy that she is in her favorite place, MY BED!

I do not think she had much human contact before. She will be all tail wagging and dancing when I first get near her, But as soon as I place my hands on her, the tail go's between her legs and she drops her head. And she never looks me in the eye. But I'm working on that with her. I do not raise my voice around her and I talk to her a lot.

And not to be left out! Here is a very bad picture of Daisy. She knows that she is "THE BIG DOG" of the family and tolerates ANNIE for the most part.

This payday I will be taking ANNIE to the Vet for a check up. I believe she will have to be wormed and maybe put on some meds for what ever she might have picked up from the ticks she was covered with when I first got her. Hopefully the Vet can get her right and she will be a part of the family for years to come!

So another request answered.
As I'm finishing this post, Annie was asleep on the floor next to the AC outlet and all of a sudden she let out with a cry of pain and tried to get under the bed! A nightmare? It sounded like she had gotten her foot  in a trap! I picked her up and placed her on the bed and petted her and told her it was alright. She seems fine now and is going back to sleep. But that cry was one of PAIN and Fright! It scared me!



  1. Sounds like Annie has found her forever home and getting lots of love.

  2. Thanks for the pic! I was a bit worried when we didn't see a picture of her, glad that she's taken over, I mean, joined you and Daisy as a family member!

  3. Hmm, tail between the legs and cowed down ... sounds like she might have been abused before. So glad you care enough to make a spot in your home (and your bed) for her. Hopefully her vet bills will be small, however, free dogs are seldom free. Take care.

  4. Replies
    1. Peggy,
      Yep that's the idea.

      Taken over is right! But there is always a place for a sweet dog like her here!

      That's my though too! A lot of the Deer Hunters around here have packs of dogs just like her and the only time they pay any attention to them is during Deer Season. The rest of the time, They are kept in a fenced area and are on short rations. I HATE IT!!!

      Work is great! I work the 3rd shift and only have to deal with the inmates the last couple of hours! And the $$ is so much better. I'm putty savings away each payday, Something I have not been able to do for quite some time!


  5. Lovely to see and hear how Annie is doing. And Daisy is fine also. She has already noticed your patience and kindness. She is lucky to have found you and visa versa. Thanks for the update.