Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sunflower Harvest

The birds have been having a hay day on the Sunflowers and if I wanted to get any seeds to save for next year, I needed to get some heads cut! Some of them were already empty and not worth cutting.

A tote full of Heads!  4 types of seed here.

As you can see, they are pretty full! I took them upstairs and layed them out on a table to finish drying. I a few weeks, I will rub the heads over a wire mesh to dislodge the seeds. Flowers for next year!

also harvested more Paste Tomatoes. We have been getting them for a couple weeks now.

And the first of the eggplant I talked about in the last post. Still not sure what to do with them. Look like Eggs don't they?

First of the carrots. Not very sweet tho!

And speaking of Eggs. I got two more this morning and another this afternoon! Can you see it in all the Eggplant?

Some of the Eggplant is bigger then the Egg! The Egg is the one without the green hat!
Tonight, work and off tomorrow. More to harvest I hope !



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  2. Tom -
    If you leave the carrots to overwinter they will be sweet. Just harvest them as you need them and cover with several inches of straw. I've never heard of anyone eating the white eggplant. I thought it was just decorative but maybe you can eat it but whatever you do don't freeze it. I learned the hard way that eggplant does not freeze well. It just turns to mush.

    1. Denise,
      I will have to pull the carrots as I will be moving the garden for next year. The eggplant is very good when roasted or grilled!

  3. Your harvests look grand and beautiful. Your sunflower heads are wonderful. Love the little "egg"plants. I like to grill mine and add them to whatever we are eating. Same with grilled zucchini

    1. Emily,
      There are still a lot of heads that need harvesting, but the birds are working hard to help me with that!
      I have started to get some eggs from the chickens, 3 a day on average. One of witch is brown, so at least one of the RIR's is a hen.