Monday, April 8, 2013

Is Spring Really here?

Hello Everyone,
The road to recovery is long and full of ruts and pot holes. But it looks like Spring has finally arrived here in the Coastal Region of N.C. and I have gotten back to some of the projects that were put on hold for the past few months.

I will spend the day getting a tire for the tractor repaired and try to get some grass cut. And help Mark continue on a project that we started a few weeks ago. A paved walkway and parking area at his house. I will be back tonight with pictures of that and the trees that have been planted.

Also I will have pictures of the newest member of the family, A Pit Bull mix named Issy (the people at the SPA were calling her ZIG-ZAG, But that did not fit, so I changed it to Issy!) She is a sweet hart and gets a long well with Daisy and the other dogs at Terri's.

So I will be back tonight with another post and pictures.
See you then.

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