Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birtday Weekend

I took two days vacation and my regular two days off to have a 4 day weekend. How often do you get to celebrate 60?
So the weekend started Wednesday and I slept most of the day after getting home from work. We watched the ball game (Dodgers and Diamondbacks) and had a simple dinner of leftovers. I had a few beers too.
Thursday was very hot. But Terri and I went to the store and got all the food I wanted for Saturday. And I got some steaks for that nights dinner. It was so hot and muggy that all we wanted to do was get the food in the house and stay in the A.C. Early that evening a summer storm came through with high winds and heavy rain, But it was moving so fast that it did not take it long to move through and out to sea Temps dropped about 15 - 20 degrees in less then 30 min. I took a few pictures

Cooler temps and amazing colors!

 I was able to grill the steaks and get some roasted veggies in the oven. And had a few more beers!

Friday was a pretty day and it only got up to the high 70's with a breeze. My Son Gerry and our friend  Lisa came down and helped with the food preps. Saturday's menu
Grilled Burgers, Hot Dogs and Knackwurst
Potato Salad
Carrot Salad with Raisins and Pineapple
 Veggie tray
 Fruit tray
Terri's Cowboy Beans
Cheese tray
Three kinds of Dip
Corn on the Cob
Chocolate Brownies
And a Chocolate Peanut Butter pie! 
And A lot of Beer!

We all slept in late Saturday Morning and had a late Breakfast of:
Oatmeal Pancakes with fresh Blueberry Sauce
Bacon and Eggs

We played board games and Card games all afternoon!
We moved the party out side in the evening and had a great time!
I started a fire in the fire place and of course there was more BEER!

Today is Sunday and that means back to work tonight.
So I'm 60 now and life goes on.
It was a good weekend and I got myself the shop delivered and will be working on it in the future.




  1. Well happy birthday! Sounds like you had a relaxing few days and enjoyed yourself!

    1. Katidids,
      Thank you! And it was great! The best part, all the food and of course the BEER!

  2. Happy Birthday Tom! I will be 61 next month. I don't remember what I did on my 60th. birthday, but I think beer was involved! :)

    1. Spider,
      They say that memory is the second thing to go. The first is.... I think you ALREADY KNOW!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday, Tom! What a fantastic menu. Must have been a great celebration.