Saturday, June 1, 2013

Birthday gift

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to get myself a birthday gift this year. Well I wanted something from my wish list and ordered it two early and it was delivered yesterday!

And here it is coming down the road!

My new work shop! It;s 12 X 20 and I can finally get all my wood working stuff out of the middle of the living room!

I have wanted a shop for a long time and had though I would try to build one myself. I have never built anything like this, But I would start getting the materials together to start, But it always seem like I would use the wood for some other project and never get started.

When Mark got his shed a few weeks ago, I was the only one available to be here when it was delivered. I got to talking to the driver  and he told me about this building that had just been turned back in. The 12 X 20 that you see in the photo above. It was ordered by a trucker about a year ago and he used it to store his 2 motorcycles when he was on the road. He moved out of state and turned the building back in. He did not want to pay to have it moved.
So I went down to the lot and talked to the sales lady and got it for half price! and I can afford the monthly payments!

Coming in the driveway. I should have had a big candle on top! That might be a bit much!

Set up near the house. Placed on 18 4" solid blocks so none of it sitting on the ground.
Almost done!
I got to play with it some. Got some stuff moved in, But had to go to work. Will have Tuesday and Wednesday off so I can get more done.
Pretty sweet?
More pictures to follow!


  1. Tom,

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special gift.
    I love it by the way. Better watch out, I may borrow it from you, lol....... teasing, enjoy!

  2. Nice! And love that you talked her down by 1/2! Happy B-Day, Tom!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the building and half price! Can't go wrong with that :)

    1. Sandy,
      Birthday still 12 days away, but thanks. You just try it! A few things are in, but lots more to do!

      I have so wanted this! Now all my wood working stuff has a Home! Thanks!!

      You got that right! Life is getting better, New toys and all! Thanks!


  4. Actually, putting a big candle on top of your lovely new WOODEN shop would be risky... :) It's a marvelous gift!

  5. NICE shop! That will be a wonderful place to do your woodworking. Congrats on the price and Happy Birthday to you.