Friday, February 28, 2014

Babies first DayYep

Bet you can't guess what came in this!
After our Predator attack the other night and the loss of two of my Hen's, I got up this morning determined  to get some new Babies! I wanted to at least get a dozen and I wanted to build a new brooder for them. So with what salvaged wood I had, I put together a 4' X 4' brooder and put it  in the storage room up stairs. It's also 4' high and I left a panel out of one side and placed a PVC panel in it's place. I use a couple spring clamps to hold it in place. That makes it easy to remove it to replace water and food for them.

When that was done, I put the heat lamp in place and I headed to the "Tractor Store". Besides the new Chicks, I got the starter feed for them and 2 bundles of wood shavings for bedding.

And here they are!
 12 Red Pullets. They put 6 per box and so I got to bring home two boxes! Not sure what breed they really are and will have to wait until they get older to tell. My hope is that they are brown egg layers.

I feel like a new "Poppa" with 12 new Babies!


See the one with it's head over the others neck? It seems to be the most aggressive,  Her favorite game is to sneak up behind the others and grab a leg and pull it out from under them. I can just see her laugh each time she does it!

Yep, That's her right there!

After a long trip home, all they wanted to do was sleep. But that didn't take to long and they all found the food when they woke up! Some of them stuck their heads in so far that their butts were in the air. LOL
I love Babies, But I hope they grow up fast and start laying! Maybe July or August?
I got 6 Eggs from my other 8 layers today and they seem to have adjusted to being cooped up in the new Hen House (No pun intended!).

Now I should have something to post about besides the weather and the cold!

I also got the seeds I ordered from "Burpee" today!

Two packs of "Tomato, Steak House" Hybrid. They are suppose to get up to 70" tall and produce fruit up to 3 pounds each. 50 seeds total and I need to get them started soon!
Also got "BEET" Dark Red, Medium Top.350 seeds. I love Beets and the greens are good too! I just got some at the store the other day and for 3 Beets it was $2.49! YIKES!
And one pack of "SWEET PEPPER", "Chocolate Belle", Hybrid. 30 seeds. I grew them years ago and use them a lot in cooking and in salads. They make the best "Stuffed Peppers". I need to get them started too!

Just went to check on the kids and saw that the lamp was to low and the temperature was at 105! So raised the lamp up some and will check it again later. But the size of the brooder lets them move away from the heat if they need to

OK, I guess that's it for now!



  1. Congrats on your new babies! I LOVE chicks. Even though we have MORE than enough chickens right now, our local feed stores have signs with "Chick Days" or "Chicks are HERE" on them and I still want to go in and get some more!

  2. Carolyn,
    Me too! This gives me 20 now and I still want to see about getting some "Easter Egger's".

  3. I am getting chicks in April, excited, can't wait! congrats on your new babies.

    1. Ruth,
      I can sit and watch them run around for hours! Thanks, When they grow up and get to laying, I will have 20 given me EGGS!

  4. Chicks are so cute! Every time I go to Tractor Supply during Chick Days I am so tempted to buy some. If one of my hens was broody I would!

    1. Leigh,
      I do not have any Brooding Hen right now, Or a rooster. My Vet Has a Rooster rescue and I can get one from her. Maybe then they could make their own replacements? That's something I have yet to! Babies from my own Hens! That's part of the HomeStead right of passage, Right? Babies from your own Livestock!