Monday, March 3, 2014

Ice Storm

I know I said that I would not be posting about the weather, But THIS IS NUTS!
Yesterday the high was 72 degrees and the Sun was shining. Terri even put wash out on the line to dry.

When I left for work last night it was still in the 60's! But when leaving work this morning, It was over cast and the temps were dropping. After getting a few hours sleep, I woke up to this!

Drivers side window on the truck!

Watch how you step here! Bottom of the steps.
Terri just got home from school and was telling me that the roads are already iced over and  there are a couple of cars already in the ditch on our road. Looks like this will be another night of work missed! The truck does not handle ice and snow well and I do not want to rick it!
All I keep telling myself is SPRING IS COMING! But you sure can't tell it from looking out side.

Went out to check on the older girls and collected 6 more Eggs. Total for the year is now up to 248!
And the new kids seem to be doing fine. I lowered the heat lamp down and the thermometer is reading 110, But the brooder is big enough that they can move away from the heat if they have to.

So another day in the wonderful winter of 2014! It has to get better, RIGHT?


  1. Then never-ending winter! Hopefully things have warmed up a bit?

    1. Hi Leigh,
      Yep, at least for today. 73 for a high. But rain is coming Monday and temps back in the 40's! I will be posting this weekend with what I think Dan may want to take a look at. New TOOL!
      Stay tuned.