Monday, April 21, 2014

This is too cool!

Ha, Bet you did not expect to hear from me again tonight? But I said I would post again tonight with something really cool to show you.

I posted a while back that I had found a place near by that is letting me haul away pallets by the truck load. And I have all kinds of projects I want to build with them. The main thing I have to build is a fence for the new Chicken yard and a fence for Terri's Dog yard.
Her three Dogs go thou wire fencing like it was not even there! So I though a wooden fence might be better. And the pallets are 30" X 30" and mostly white Pine.

Here is a picture of one of the pallets I get by the truck load.
I break them down with my "Pallet Pal" (see earlier post) and a wreaking bar. And yes there are a lot of nails to pull too, But I will reuse them too!

Here is the first fence panel I put together. I will stack one on top of the other and side- by side, using deck screws.

But because it is Pine, I wanted a way to stain the wood and water proof the whole thing. I also wanted to keep the wood bees out! (They bore holes into fresh cut wood to build a nest where they raise a family!). So I asked Google. Is there anything that Google does not know?

And this is what I found!

Iron Oxide! And it's DIY for less then $3.00 a gallon! 
I take a gallon of White Vinegar and 4 0000 steel wool pads and place them in a bucket for 48 hours. The vinegar breaks down the steel wool and makes Iron Oxide. I then place it in a tote that is longer then the wood, place the wood in and turn it over a couple of times. Pull it out and lay it out in the sun to dry. There is a chemical reaction and the wood turns a dark brown.


And after!
Now this is not dark enough for me, So I wait until it is completely dry and then out them all back in for another go around.

And here is the first panel ready for the water proofing!
Google had the answer for that too! One part Diesel fuel to One part motor oil. Brushed on or it can be sprayed on with a paint gun. It will cost some $$$, but it can't be a high as some water sealant. But I will see!

Pretty Cool, I think! I'm thinking that I will some day put the stained slats up on the walls in my whole house! I dearly hate to paint drywall and I have always wanted to live in a log home. And this may be the closest I may get!

So, two posts in one night! How a bout that?

O' and another thing I got done today. I put together a fire pit, using recycled cinder blocks and bricks. Between the two posts I wrote tonight, I had to test it out! I got a good fire going and took the Dogs out to sit around the new pit. Also had a couple of BEERS while the fire burned and the Dogs curled up near enough that they were able to enjoy the warmth.

So, there you have it! The COOL thing I was able to use and pass on the information to you. Let me know if you try this stain!


  1. Tom,

    I like your fence, and getting the pallets free is a really good thing :-)

    1. Hey Sandy,
      Yep, Free is always good. I have a 3 day week-end coming up and I will spend all 3 days getting fence panels ready to install! Fencing for Dog yard and Chicken yard will require a lot of panels. But it needs to be done.
      I will be taking pictures as I go along and will post about the progress.