Monday, April 21, 2014


Your right, It has been forever sense my last post! And it's all winters fault! Old man Winter just did not want to get gone! Here it is the 21 st of April and it's the first day of Spring for us here in the Coastal Region of N.C.
Cold and rain has been the norm and night time temps have been in the 3o's! Frost most every night! It killer the blooms on the Pair trees and I'm not to sure about the Apples! It was so cold this winter that it killed all the Gardenia's. Terri had a plant that was 12 years old and now it's gone!
I started my garden seeds back in February and they are still sitting on the table under lights, waiting for the ground to dry out! And guess what? RAIN Tuesday!

This was my garden just last week
My Friend from next door felt sorry for me and my Garden and he was working a job the required the removal of a lot of dirt. See the dump truck in the upper left corner? Well he filled that thing up 3 times and dumped it in the garden!! And the very next day, It rained all day! That was 10 days ago. It was sunny and dry today. So he got out the big gun today and......
Got the job done!

Made the low spots disappear! (I hope!!)

Nearly done!

May not be pretty, But with a little work and raised beds in, it will be!
I will still use the raised beds, because I know that there are a 1000 weed seeds laying out there waiting to stick their  ugly little heads up!

Come Hell or high water (RAIN!), I will get the potatoes and onions planted tomorrow and hope to get some tomatoes planted by the week end. The seeds I  started  did not do very well, So I guess I will have to get starters from in town!

I have not been Idel while all this nasty weather has been around. And In my next post later tonight, I will show you something really cool!
Until then,

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