Friday, November 7, 2014

Really!. I am back!

I mean it this time! Life can really knock you down. And I have to say I'm sorry to all of you who have followed this Blog over the years! I have been so out of it and all I seem to do is go to work and come back home to bed, Sleep and repeat!

Update on the Chickens...
18 laying Hens and they are still locked up in the Hen House. I still need to get a fence up and let them out to do what Chickens do! But I have to tell you that they are doing well and the Eggs just keep on coming!! Last year the flock of 8 Hens produced 1770 Cackle Berries...... well I added another 12 in early April and they have given us 2317 as of yesterday!! I sell some, Just last week I delivered eleven 18 count cartons to the Tidewater area in VA. And it's a good thing that we all like Eggs as we eat quite a few!

Terri is back in school and is doing well. She asked me to help her with a project for her photo class and I will be working on a post tonight to show you how that turned out.

The non-producing garden was just that...NON-PRODUCING!! I planted Potatoes, Onions, Beets and Tomatoes and nothing grew! I did get some  plants that came up in the compost, Tomatoes that were hit by our first frost the other night. And one Pumpkin plant that came up in the old Chicken Yard. It produced two Pumpkins, one of about 6 lbs and another that weighed a woppin 31.5 lbs!

I need to get off my lazy butt and get something done around here. I will work on that post latter today and hopefully get it posted tonight.

I hope that you will except my apology and will come back to see the other post tonight!


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