Sunday, November 28, 2010

Canning Apples

We were getting down to the bottom of the box at this point. We picked this up at a road side stand, as we have no apple trees of our own. They were Vagina Gold and Fungi.

Once there were peeled and chopped, we placed them into a big pot of water and lemon juice so they would not turn brown. We left some skin on for color and texture.

Terri chopping and peeling

Dodger had to give his approval. He liked them.......A LOT!!!

This may look like apple skins and cores to most people, But the worms will love it. I will add this to the worm bed as food that they will consume very quickly.

Once chopped and allowed to set in the water/lemon juice for a few minuets, four cups of apples were placed into a measuring cup and cooked in the microwave on high for 6 minuets. Then placed into a food processor to make apple sauce. And then this mixture was placed into a double boiler on top of the stove to keep it hot until we had enough to fill pint jars and run through the cannier. 10 minuets in a water bath cannier and left to cool and seal on a towel on the counter.

And we had 28 pints of apple sauce. This turned out to be pretty good stuff. We used Splenda as the sweetener, as we don't need the added sugar. And I like it after it has set in the refrigerator to chill down and eat it right from the jar! We also use it in cake recipes in place of the oil. The cakes are wonderfully moist and it adds flavor and texture.

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