Thursday, December 2, 2010

A trip back in time

lets take a trip back in time to October of 2007. This is a picture of the 15 acres of the corn field where we now live. It was sub-divided into 5 lots, each approx 3 acres in size. My lot is the second from the top. And Marks is the top one.

Here is a vew from the back of the two lots looking back out to the road. Thats Terri in the picture and she is standing on thier lot with mine to the right of the picture. Nothing but weeds and a little grass

And here is the front half of my  house being lifted into place on the foundation. It was pretty cool to watch this all take place. The whole house was built in a factory in two halves and loaded onto two flat-bed trailers and transported to the build site. It took a crane and a 6-man crew one full day to get it into place and close it up.

And here the crane starts to lift the first half into place.

Almost there. This is the back of the house consisting of the master bedroom, living room, second bath and the second bedroom.

And this is the front half consisting of the Master bath, utility room, kitchen/dinning room and the front porch (whitch is really on the side of the house). You can also see the trailler that this half came on and the front of the truck that towed it here

And here it is sitting on the foundation. This is the front porch end of the house. The roof still needs to be lifted into place and the sidding put on.
The roof was built at the fractory and laid flat across the top  to make transport eaiser. So once the house was on the foundation, the crane lifted one half of the roof into place and the work crew braced and crossed brased it and then fasened it into place.

And here is the back side in place. The crane is still holding it up as the work crew finishes nailing it into place

Roof inplace and the end-cap lifted up and placed. Notice anything missing? There is suppost to be a window in this end-cap. They forgot to construct a window opening at the factory for them (one each end). They had to order them from the factory and they were put in place the next day.
As can also  be seen in this picture, I had the roof built at a 7 - 12 pitch. This gives me a second floor room the full lenght of the house and almost as wide, Its unfinished and I can do what ever I want up there. Right now it is just a storage space and one end I use as my wood-working space.

Here is a shot from inside of that room as they are still working on closing it up.

I have been in the house for three years now and for the most part I'm pretty happy with it. There are some things that could have been put together better, But that's for another post

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