Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi Everyone,
When I was a little boy (Oh so long ago!), my Dad use to bring home real Buttermilk and drink it by the glass full. I hated it, but because he drank it, so did I. And over time I developed a taste for it. And now I Love it.
Guess what I had for lunch today? A big cold glass of Buttermilk with a little salt & pepper. Back when Dad would get it, he would pick it up at a locale dairy and it was the real stuff, Not the cultured kind that is available at the store now a day's. I can remember that each bottle (yea, it still came in glass bottles back then!), had small bits of butter in it and if you wanted any in a glass, you would have to shake the bottle.
I read somewhere that you can use cultured buttermilk to make more just by adding a cup to a cup of whole milk. Ever try this?
And of course there are so many recipes that call for buttermilk. Breads, Biscuits and batters for deep fried foods. If the buttermilk is not there, I can tell because that TANG just isn't there!
Its also a natural leveling agent and helps breads and batters to rise (I bet you knew that already, didn't you?).
And for thoes of you that have the family cow and get your milk stright from the tap, do you make buttermilk? I envy you...SO MUCH.
So for tonight's dinner, Battered fried chicken tenders, fries and home made sourdough bread (pretty healthy huh?) and for desert......DUMP CAKE! If you don't know what that is, I give the recipe in my next post
Do I talk about food to much?
And now for something to get you to thinking...What is in the photo?

I'll tell you in the next post. Also does any body know if they are eatable at this stage? TOM


  1. I love to cook with buttermilk.I have also crumbled corn bread into it,my parents use to eat it that way too,pretty good.Don't know what those onioney looking things are.Blessings jane

  2. I used to not like buttermilk either. Then I tried some fresh (after I grew up) and loved it! I only have goats now, so buttermilk might not be in my future. For cooking, I just substitute with yogurt, sourdough starter, or whey.

    I don't know if those sprouts are edible! A lot of sprouts are, but I'm not sure about pumpkin.