Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Desert and you get your veggies too!

Hey guys,
APG like my last post and wanted me to show her husband how its done. Well here is a desert that you only have to use two items...And its sweet, moist and it will give you a serving of veggies too.
Ready?.........Its Devil's food cake! And it really does not need frosting (But Terri said everything needs frosting...So we did!).

Yep, only the two pictured above. Don't use pumpkin pie filling, just plan canned pumpkin, And you will notice I use a sugar free cake mix. Just dump them into a big bowl and mix until the pumpkin is incorporated into the mix. I made 12 cupcakes with this and they were OUTSTANDING! I used a ice cream scoop and filled cups all the way to the top, Baked at 400 degrees for 25 - 30 min (until tooth pick comes out clean).

We did not tell Mark what was in them until he was working on his second one, He doesn't like any vegetables at all....But he liked this one! APG... I dare you to make them and see if Hubby can figure out whats in them! I'll lay odds he can't!
So there you go...Another example that TOM CAN COOK!
See YA!


  1. HA! I love it...now let's see if we can get HIM to do it! ;o) I know he'd eat'em...

  2. I've gotta try those... Bet they are sooo moist!

  3. What a great (and sneaky) way to get veggies into your dessert! I may have to try it...