Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mother Nature has a sence of humor

And she likes her little jokes!
Yesterday was a perfect day to get some work done outside. The high was 74 degrees and I got some transplanting done. Mostly day Lillie's and some Glads. A day to take off the sweat shirt and enjoy the sunshine. Even the spring Peepers were out in force! I even got to get the tractor started and did some tilling. It made me think that spring was really here. Little did I know that Mother Nature was giggling behind my back!
Because today it has been cold and windy! Its now 1630 and the temperature is 39 degrees! Along with a stiff, cold wind blowing! Winter just doesn't want to let go!
So today I spent the day sorting worms and harvesting Casts. This is a long process and I do it by hand. But I need to get the Casts to mix with my starter mix and get some seeds started. I should have done it long ago and starter plants should be under lights. But I need to make my newsprint pots and get them planted.
For those of you who saw the picture in my last post and wanted to guess at what those things were...

They are Pumpkin Sprouts! And they came from the totes that I have in my utility room (3 of them) that I have worms in. I was afraid that with the cold that I might loose the worms that are in the outside bed. So a few months ago I loaded up 3 totes with bedding, Worms and food material and brought them into the house. They have been consuming the kitchen scraps I accumulate and are doing quite well.
A few weeks ago I had two pumpkins in a bucket on my front porch that had broken down pretty good and I deviated them up between the 3 totes. When I checked the next day to see if the worms had moved into the new food, BOY DID THEY! As I removed the lid from the first tote, I could hear the sound of the worms moving away from the light! Now that takes alot of worms to make enough noise so that I could hear them!
It was only a few days before the pumpkin was gone and the seeds started to sprout. So I pulled those out and let them died back before putting them back into the totes. Worms only eat things that are dead and rotting.
They liked the pumpkins so much that I will plant them as a field crop this year and hope the deer leave them alone. I'll have to fence that area now too.
So there you have it, Worms and Pumpkin and Mother Nature as a stand-up comic! Life as it is!

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  1. Would love to see a step by step on harvesting the casts. I think from time to time where I would put a "wormatorium" because I think it would be very useful to have!