Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holly Crap!

I know, I just posted a few minutes ago, But I was playing around with the other options at Blogger and found the "STATS" option.

I sometimes get the felling that I"m writing this Blog and not a whole lot are out there reading it! The only way I have of telling is if I get a comment on a post.

But the "STATS" are telling me that people from all over the world are at least reading this thing! Here is a list of the numbers:
U.S 672
Russia 47
Germany 28
The Netherlands 16
Canada 13
France 10
U.K. 7
Latvia 7
Cadatia 6
Iran 6

Like I said "HOLLY CRAP!"

If you are new to my Blog, Please feel free to leave a comment, Even if it's just to say Hi. And I hope that you will come back to see how the worms are doing!



  1. Congratulations Tom! Amazing, isn't it? Too bad more folks don't compost more often.

  2. I was surfing the blogs and found yours. I felt the same way till I found the stat button. We compost but I haven't seen the worms. But then I have 5 mischief making chickens

  3. You are a great inspiration for those of us who are trying to "bring back our land". You and your herd are making beautiful soil together, LOL!

  4. Hi Tom. We get our garden boxes from bit pricey, but worth it!