Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where did they come from?

 Hey everyone,

The day after Thanksgiving. I decided to dump the compost tumblers and add the compost to the garden area. I have been working on layering material on the garden area in the hopes that I can plant through the material next spring (Lasagna gardening). My son Gerry had come out for Thanksgiving and and had stayed the night. And he was helping to move the compost.

If you are a regular reader, you know that I built two compost tumblers sometime ago  using a couple of 50 gallon drums. I load them up with all kinds of organic material and manure to "COOK" for a few weeks, turning the barrels every few days.

I had gotten 6 bales of rotting hay near the end of this past summer and when I got them back to the homestead, just dumped them on the ground near the worm beds. Using them as bedding in the beds. Its also a good sorce of carbin in compost making and it adds a loose material that allows for good air flow.

I place a tarp under the barrel and just dump the whole thing over and load it into a wheel barrow and then to the garden.

I do not put Worms in there, The tumbling action would kill most of them. But as the compost came out of the barrel, I saw 100's of worms in the mix! "WHERE DID THEY COME FROM"? The only thing I can think of is, as the hay lay on the ground, Worms from the surrounding area moved in and set up house! I picked a few out to make sure that they were "RED WIGGLERS" and found that most of them were adult breeders! A few were joined together (Making BABIES!) and I could see a lot of eggs! So this load of compost went into one of the Worm beds! As my friend Susan ( said, "FREE RANGE WORMS"!!!
The invirorment must have been to their liking and the population exploded! They are in the Worm bed now.

On another note. As I said before, I dropped my camera and it stopped working. I went out and got a cheep one and I have been playing around with it some. (Ya get what you pat for!). Not a very good camera, But I hope to be able to get to the point where I can at least down some pictures in the future!

So that's all for this post.
Take to you later!


  1. Nuth'n better than free stuff! Worms even!

  2. That is so neat. The worms obviously know what they like!