Sunday, November 6, 2011

I broke my camera!

Last Thursday was my my day to cook at Terri's and I was all set to try two new recipes ( "Apple bake pancakes w/bacon" and a new desert "Sugar cream pie". And as I got ready to take the first picture of putting the pie together, I DROP THE CAMERA!!! And it will no longer work! And it will probably cost more to fix it that to just go out and get a new one! Either way, Its not in the cards for anytime soon! DAM!
Anyway, the Pancake was great and the pie was pretty good too (Al tho, Next time I will add something like coconut or chocolate to it to give it a different dimension.
So this is a long week-end at work again! Overtime both Saturday and Sunday. So this is a short post. Sorry! And with no photo's, It will not be the last! DOUBLE DAM!!

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