Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Two scores

Good morning all,
Wednesday is the first day off work for me and normally I come home and go to bed. But not this time! I went by and picked up a truck load of "Cotton Dirt" and came home to work on the "Lasagna Garden"

The following photos were taken with the new (cheep!) camera I got to replace the one I dropped! Still trying to understand how it works!

This is the garden area I hope to get covered. Its pretty Baron right now!
This is the area I got covered! First a layer of cardboard, Then a layer of leaves (collected at curb side) and then the "Cotton Dirt" I have been told that the PH levels are a little high, 7 - 7.2. So I will have to add lime and egg shells to bring in back down to the natural level. But it is dark and rich with organic material. Now all it has to do is break down over the next few months and I will plant right through it come spring!  I will continue to add layers as I can find more material and compost and Worm Casts will be part of the mix!


And this is the Garlic I planted a few weeks ago. the bed was top dressed with Worm Casts before I planted. I need to mulch it soon and Wait for spring! 

And I made another score yesterday as well!
 I read Blog posts from people who forage for what ever they can find growing wild in the woods around their homesteads. Well I found a source of "PECANS"!
I was running around in town yesterday and spotted several "PECAN" trees along side one of the Fast Food joints. So I pulled into the parking lot and found that the planter on the edge of the parking lot was covered with nuts! There were a lot of nuts that had been ran over by cars and were no good. But I was able to pick up about 6 lbs in less then an hour!
With the price of "PECANS" at $6.99 a pound here, That's $41.94 That I do not need to spend! The nuts are a little wet and I have them lay ed out to dry and will roast them later. I may even plant some of them in pots to see if I can get them to sprout and plant them out next spring or fall!
Does this Qualify as Foraging? I mean I did not go into the woods and the nuts were just there! I got a lot of looks from people as I was picking them up. And because they were in the planter, there wasn't a lot of leave litter to deal with and they were pretty clean.
So what do you think? Pretty cool?
Talk to you latter.


  1. That most definitely DOES qualify as foraging! What a score!!! Sounds like you're well on your way towards reclaiming your ground - there is so much waste in this country, it's nice to hear about someone that uses it for something positive.

  2. What a find. We have two homes around here that have apple trees and cherry trees that they never pick. I think this fall I'll ask them if I can pick some off the trees. In return I'll clean clean up the falling ones around the tree.

  3. So you plant garlic this time of year? When does it harvest? I want to plant garlic!

    Great find on the pecans.

  4. Susan,
    I get the funnies looks from people when I stop to pick up the bagged leaves and other material that I can use to feed the worms or mix with other stuff to compost!

    I get where I can find it. I have 15 winter squash that were tossed out for the deer to clean up. The worms love this type of food! I just chop it up and let it rot down some and give it to them. And it can be a great source of seeds to plant next year!

    Welcome back! Garlic is a 9 mouth crop. I plant it in early Oct and will harvest it next June or July!

  5. Free pecans?! WOW, that's a great score. BTW, I'm green with envy about your nice black the worms will make it even better. I'm stuck with slowly composting stuff to add to our rocks and clay. And the occasional tree stump or root.

  6. 6 pounds of pecans! That definitely qualifies as forage. Great score.

    Very interesting about the lasagna gardening too. Thanks for the step by step. It's looking really good.

  7. Carolyn,
    The "Cotton Dirt" is pretty high in "PH". 7 - 7.5 and this is fine for plants that like it a little high, like potatoes. But I will add lime and egg shells to try to get it down some.

    Yep, I love Pecans! They do not have the bitterness of walnuts and roast up so nice. I may have to go into town tomorrow to see if I can get more!