Monday, December 26, 2011

Chrismas morning

Hi everyone.
Hope you all had a great Christmas!
I got off work at 0715 and on the drive home, I stoped to see the Donkey that I posted about earlier and I tried the new camera and took some pictures!

And here he is! he was out playing with his favorite toy and he just laid it on the ground to come over to the fence to say "Good Morning".

And here he is up-close and personal. Sorry the pictures aren't any better! but that's what I have for right now!

I love his markings! Do any of you know what type of Donkey he is? I really need to talk to his owner's and find out what his name is. I call him "Moose" for right now.

Just look at that face! I'll have to bring him a carrot next time.

That was my Christmas morning. And because Mark and Terri are out of town for the holidays, I'm taking care of their two dogs along with Daisy and Luke. So after getting home and feeding them and taking them outside for an hour, I went to bed to sleep until 1600.
I had a 12 hour shift last night. But we (security) were the only people in the building! So it was pretty boring. But I can use the extra $$$!

This time last year we had 12 - 18 inches of snow on the ground. But not this year. Back to normal for us. Day time temps in the high 50's and clear blue skies.
So, I though you might like to see the pictures.
Talk to you latter.


  1. You know this may sound ignorant, but I didn't even think about there being different breeds of donkey. Now you're going to have to find out for us!

  2. Carolyn,
    It looks like he is a etheothina breed. There are almost 200 breeds from all over the world.

  3. Wow - he's cute! I love donkeys. Looks like he is as interested in you as you are in him. They are very friendly - and make great guard animals. Hope you're not working too hard!

  4. Your new camera takes great shots! And such a cute subject too. :) Winter is back to normal for us as well.

  5. Susan,
    Yep, he makes me laugh. Just working my life away!

    Winter is suppost to come back tommorow! Today was was 64, Tomorrow.....In the low 30's