Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello everyone,
I got an e-mail from Susan over at e-i-ei-omg, telling me that she though that I had gone Hibernating from the Blog world because of the fact that I have not posted for a while (a long while!). I have been doing some sleeping, and a lot of overtime at work (with more to come!). But that is no excuse! I also dislike to post and not have some pictures to add to it!
As you may remember I dropped my camera and the replacement one is really bad (What did I expect for $20.00!?) But there is a post that I have been wanting to write and I told the story to Susan and she loved it, So get something hot to drink and sit back, because this one could get to be a long one!

MORNING DONKEY! (Picture this all in your head!)

Each morning I leave work just as the sun is coming up and have a 57 mile drive home. After a 8 - 12 hour shift, that can be a long drive!
But there is this house that I pass each day on one of the back roads I take and along side this house is a paddock where a Donkey lives. Not sure what type of Donkey he (She?) is and I want to stop some morning and talk to his owner's to see if I can get his name and learn a little about him and get some pictures!

But here is the reason I have taken to stopping and watching this guy!
On most mornings he is out side his shelter and he is playing with an old rug that he runs around shaking his head with the rug in his mouth! He will toss it in the air and catch it and run around like he is just enjoying life! This just makes me smile and makes the rest of the drive home that much more easier!

I had to stop the other morning and watch him play his game and as I stood at the fence he stopped ruining and just stood there staring at me. He walk up to the fence right in front of me and just stood there with the rug hanging from his mouth. Then he tossed his head into the air and let go of the rug.

AS I pulled it off and tried to brush the dirt off, He started running around, baying (Is that what you call it?) for all he was worth! He came back to the fence and looked at me as if to say"Well are you going to toss it back?" So I did and I timed it just right because it landed on his head and he stood stock still. I guess this had not happened to him before and he was not sure what to do
So I reached over the fence and pulled it off and it was like someone had turned a light on, He grabbed the rug and took off! Running, shaking his head and tossing that rug up into the air, Letting the world know "IT IS GOOD TO BE A LIVE"!
I laughed until I cryed and as I got back into the truck to leave, his baying changed. From laughter to something less joyfull! As if to say "What? Where are you going? We are not done playing yet!"

This guy really changes my out look on the rest of the day! And makes the rest of the drive home easier! Now each day, as I get close, I slow down to see if he is out yet and if he is I stop to say "Good Morning" and he always has that rug with him.

Its funny that he can remind me that it is indeed "GOOD TO BE A LIVE!" Animal's are so much smatter than we are!
Remember, I told you it would be better with pictures!


  1. Thank you for sharing this story! Brought a big ol' grin to my face!!

  2. The 'word pictures' were wonderful! What an amazing story - and an amazing donkey! It will be fun to learn more about him/her.

  3. Carolyn,
    If he were mine, he would be the reason for my smile every day!

    Thanks for talking me into this post! Pictures would have helped, but writing it was a lot of fun!