Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Guide for MEN

I know that most of the Blogs i read and follow are writing by a Woman, and I do not have a problem with that! I learn a lot from thees Ladies and I want to say up front, Thank all of you who make comments and leave words of "Wisdom" for me! THANK YOU!!!!
But tonight I want to post something that I though the "Guy's" might find useful! And Ladies, You can read it too!

Terri got this from a friend of her on "Face book" and passed it on to me, and now I'm passing it on to you!

This is from "I'm not right in the

"The Hormone Guide"
"Survival tips for the male of the Species"!

Dangerous           Safer                       Safest                           Ultra Safe

What's for           Can I help with       Where would you like      Here, have 
Dinner?                Dinner?                  to go for Dinner?             some Wine?

Are you               Wow, You sure        WOW! Look                Here, have
wearing That?       look good in            at YOU!                      some Wine!

What are              Could we be                 Here's my              Here, have some
you so worked     Overreacting?               Paycheck!              Wine!
up about?

Should you be      You know, there           Can I get you a        Here, have
eating That?           a lot of Apples             piece of                  some Wine!
                              left?                           Chocolate with

What did you        I hope you didn't         I've always loved       Can I get you 
do all Day?           over-do it today?        you in that Robe!        another Bottle of

So Guy's, there it is. Take what you want from it and you might LIVE TO SEE ANOTHER DAY!



  1. What???? WHAT??? You're a guy?? I've been reading a man's blog all this time!? Just kidding! But yeah, I suppose that there are a lot more woman bloggers (at least the ones I follow) than men. Wonder why that is. Maybe because we can't keep our yaps shut....and you guys keep on giving us more & more wine!

    1. Yep, Guy, I be!
      I think that in Homesteading, The reason that Woman do most of the Blogging is because thay do more of the day - to - day work around the place. I.E. Gardening = Cooking,
      Feeding/Animal care = lanudry, Milking = Cheese making = Dishes.
      And the reason I do all thoes things is because I'm the only one here to do them! So I wear both Hats!
      Homesteading Men are working on the tractor and other equipment, Mending fence ECT: And just do not blog about all that.?
      I my case if I had a woman in my life, She would have to change the Wine to BEER!

  2. LOL... Loved this, had to read it to my husband. He said the "Ultra safe" option wouldn't work for him, cause I don't drink... LOL

    1. He just needs to replace the Wine with the right thing taht makes your Hart Flutter! And if he does not know what that is, he is hoplessly lost!

  3. Ah, such wise, wise words! Some of those "Dangerous" comments could easily lead to manslaughter. ;o}

    1. Mama Pea,
      That's why I wanted to get it posted! The first time I read it, I said to my self, "Self, If only someone had told me sooner! I may not be living alone right now!"
      I also though it was pretty funny too!

  4. I've seen this somewhere -- still very true! Thanks for sharing, Tom. :)

  5. Someone already trained my husband well (I think it was his mother - sure wish I could have met her!)

    I have seen this before, but it is still funny. Thanks for sharing.