Monday, February 20, 2012

Was that Winter?

It rained all day yesterday! Cold, wet and bitter outside! It was raining when I went to bed at 0900 and is was still raining when I got up at 1430! And it was raining as I left for work at 2030!
Then about 0030 this funny looking stuff started falling along with the rain! Yep, It was SNOW! And the temps started to drop. Got down into the low 30's and we watched the stuff on the monitors, Thinking that we might have some that might stick!
BUT NO, at about 0430 it stopped! The rain, the snow and the wind! And temps started to climb. And by the time it was for us to get off, IT WAS 41 DEGREES and still going up!
The sun worked on the white stuff and by the time I got home, It was gone!
Was that F&*#@^%$#$ WINTER? COME ON! Now it's 1515 and I just got up and it's 48 degrees out side and the Birds are singing, Frogs croaking for Pete's shakes! And by Wednesday, It's suppose to be 61 for a high!


  1. Yep that was winter! Did you enjoy it cause summer is going to be a blast I'm sure. Maybe 100 in the shade with no wind and very little rain. Hope I'm wrong on that.

  2. I can't say that I'm upset with the warm winter weather we're having. I just hope that the summer isn't as ungawdly hot as it was last year!

  3. The weather seems to be strange everywhere. No good. I foresee more drought and fires in our near future, but I do hope I'm proven wrong by lots of rain this spring! Time will tell...

  4. Wacky weather for sure. Our temps go down into the teens, then up to 60 on Weds?! Enough, already. Just bring on spring and get it over with. I would never complain about a longer growing season!

  5. West of you in north central NC, we started with the mix on Sunday but by Monday morning, we had 3-4 inches. Today, Tuesday, it is in the 50's so melting pretty quickly. I dread to think of the heat and bugs this summer. We need a good long freeze to kill some of those fleas, ticks, etc. before the heat starts. Oh where, oh where has the winter been hiding?

    1. Denise,
      That's not the winter I remember! "Old MAN Winter" must have Short-Time memory loss! Lets hope he doesn't get it back! 70 here by Wednesday!

      Carolyn ("Buddy"!)
      If it's anything like like year? We had a fire in the "Great Dismal Swamp" that burned for 4 months!!

      Bee Girl,
      That's a two edged Sword! With no hard freeze this winter, More BUGS this summer! And if we get lots of rain early, Later planting time?
      This is not good!

      Yep, I have a couple of projects that I want to get started on. It needs to be warmer and drier!

      I agree! I hate BUGS! I do not mind the heat, But the humidity! Here near the cost, it can be Brutal!