Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Summer day in February!

Was up late last night and I slept in until 0830. Got on the computer to read my morning Blog Posts and the weather read out said that it was 58 degrees already! And was going up to 72!!
Finished my ice coffee and put on my work boots and headed out side! I still have a lot of standing water from last Sundays attempt at Winter (Rain all day Sunday and Snow flurries Sunday into Monday morning). But the Sun was so warm and it felt good to be outside without a sweat shirt on! And speaking of Sweat, I really worked up Sweat for the first time in months!
And here is a photo of a house flower enjoying the Sun!

Not sure what it's called, But I love the color!

It reminds me of the flowers of mid Summer. And there are more buds that are ready to bloom!

Any way, On to the first job of the day! Feeding the worms and laying in more Bedding Material.

I have pulled the old bedding to one side and will place new food material down the middle.
This is some of the food I put in about a week ago. Coffee Grounds and filters. See the one and only worm on the filter?
Well turn the filter over and there they are! Getting their morning coffee. The group to the left are the ones I have seen playing Porker in the late afternoon!
But as you can see, They are not a lone! I could dig around some and find lots more! If I had to guess, Each bed has approx 20,000! I need to build two more beds in the next couple months!

And I had to prepare the food before I placed it into the beds.

Yep, more winter squash! This has been sitting in a tote on my back deck for a few months. I was hoping that it would get cold enough to start it to break down. But as you can see, not a lot. So I just chopped it up!

Using a edging hoe! I did not worry about removing the seed this time. The Worms will not eat the seeds, But if they sprout in the bed, I will just pull them up and toss them back on top of the other food and they will break down there. And the Worms will then eat them!
New bedding over the food and ready to have some water added. Before I added the bedding, I noticed that the Worms had vanished. And that is as it should be! They hate the light and will dive down into the bed to get away from it!
So once I closed up the beds, It was on to other jobs!
Weed the Garlic bed.
Weed and clean up 4 other raised beds. If this weather holds, We might plant a bed or two of PEAS this week-end. Even tho we got a lot of rain this past Sunday, The beds drain real good and I did not hit wet soil until I got down 2 or 3 feet.
Did two loads of laundry and hung it on the line to dry.
Added material to the compost tumblers. Kitchen Scraps and crushed egg shells.
Set up and burned a brush pile.
Inventoried the seeds we have and though about what and where we were going to plant every thing!

And then it was time to think about Dinner! With Terri in school on Thursday until 1820 (And a 1 1/2 hour drive home!), I normally cook.
So tonight was BBQ Ribs, Roasted vegetables and for desert.....Chocolate Pudding Cake

I make this a lot. Because we like it a lot! Potatoes (two kinds), Onions, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage with lots of Rosemary and Garlic!
Sorry about the fuzzy picture! Ribs have been cooking in a crock pot with a little chicken stock for over 4 hours. Once they are done the way I like them, I lay them out on a try and let them cool for a while. Light up the grill and let it get good and hot. Slather the ribs with BBQ sauce and place them on the grill. Turn once or twice, allowing the sauce to char a little.
All that's needed is a cold BEER a long side. That my friends is a warm summers night meal!

O' and desert? It may not look very pretty, Boy was it good! With a scoop of Vanilla ice cream, warm from the oven! You may notice a little missing from the corner? I had to try it, didn't I? Wanted to make sure it was good enough for Mark and Terri! I made this from scratch! Got the recipe for "BACON AND EGGS", A new Blog I found the other day!

Well that's the first day of Spring. Now my only question? Will it last??


  1. You had a busy and very productive day. Your worms look happy - I can see the smiles on their faces!

    The blooming flowers are beautiful. I would love to know the name if anyone out there knows it.

    Have a good day. Emily

    1. This morning it was warm again, But so vary windy.
      Other flowers are in bloom too! I will have to get pictures of them too!
      It doesn't take much to make a Worm Happy. A good place to live, Food and bedding!

  2. Your worms' dinner looks almost as good as YOUR dinner! What spoiled little wigglers they are!

    1. They are not picky. When you eat anything, Dinner is easy!

  3. I can't wait until that weather reaches us! Even though it's been an incredibly mild winter - I am SO over it! Bring on the flowers! (and a pan of those roasted vegetables...)

    1. Hey Susan,
      I love Roasted Vegetables! As the other root vegetables come into season, we add them to the mix. Beets, Sweet potato's and Turnup's are some we look forward too!

  4. We had a beautiful spring day today (of course< I was at work) and then an hour before I headed home the rain and wind started in earnest... Grrrr.. The cake looks great! Recipe please? Also, quick reminder: e-mail me your mailing address and I'll send you the book you won. My e-mail is

  5. I hope you come back and read this. I have tried to e-mail you with the address with no luck. So here it is here:
    Tom Stewar
    347 Church RD.
    Ahoskie, N.C. 27910

  6. Can't believe how far ahead into spring time some of you folks living in the "Banana Belt" of our country already are. But it's kinda fun reading about you getting out and doing warm weather things already. Those blooming flowers of yours are gorgeous!

    1. Mama Pea,
      Winter came back today with high winds and cold temps. But it is supost to be back near 70 by Wendseday, my next day off! So I will be back out in the sunshine working. I may even get some Peas PlantedTom