Saturday, September 8, 2012

And here they are

As stated in my last post.....Pictures of the new GIRLS!

As you can see, They are about the same age as my other girls...5 months? And tail feathers are missing on most of them. They were raised in a small pen and that was fine when they were small Chicks, but as they got bigger and overcrowded, pecking of tail feathers became the norm.

This one has some, But not what they should be!

I love the color and the way the white shows around the neck!

This is a better picture of her.

So now all I have to do is get the two flocks together and wait for the Eggs to start flowing from all the birds!
As it is, I'm almost at 100 now! With the 14 I got yesterday and the 3 I got today........96! I have 4 1/2 dozen in my fridge and Terri has two more at her house! That's a good thing...Right?
I was told that I will soon have to put a sign in the yard to try and sell some. But that's the idea! Maybe I can sell enough to at least pay for feed!
But the flock is at 12 now and it looks like I do not have any Roosters. And for now that's OK. I will think about adding one or two later so that They can hatch some babies next year!

This was one of the biggest dreams I had for the Homestead! Before I got this place and was still in the planing stage (Back many years ago), Chickens were at the top of the list of animals I wanted to raise. And I think that 12 is the number for right now!
So I can cross them off the wish list and start thinking about Ducks!


  1. Congratulations Tom! It's so great to see a planning dream come true.

  2. You now have a very nice-sized flock! Golden Comets are great chickens and very proficient egg-layers. It's always a good thing when they lay enough eggs to pay for their feed.