Monday, September 24, 2012


The Title said it all!!
I am so STUPID! And I hate this! I almost killed Daisy on Saturday!
I have written about Daisy in the past and she has been my constant companion for the past 10 years or so!
When we moved here to the Homestead, She was given 3 acres to run around in and she loves to be outside with me. I take her out when I work on outside projects and she sticks pretty close most of the time.
Because she is black, she can get over heated pretty fast and she  finds a shady place to lay down and watch me work!
Well that is what she did Saturday, While I was removing the potato tires from the garden and taking them to the storage area. I have loaded them up and had made my first move to the storage area and was going back for more. And as I pulled the truck forward I ran over Daisy! Stupid, Stupid, STUPID!!!!
I normally check to see if she is under there, But not this time! And she did not hear the truck start and get out of the way.
The right rear tire rolled over her and she Screamed and was trashing around on the ground. Elie (Terri's dog was out there too!) ran to her side and at first would not me near Daisy! But when she saw that I was trying to help and calm Daisy down, She just sat and watched.
I called the Vet and met her at her office and she said that Daisy's left front leg was broken pretty badly. She gave her a shot of morphine for the pain and waited for that to kick in. She wanted to get X-RAY'S, But wanted staff there to help with that, So she gave me some med's for Daisy and we came home.
I placed her on a pillow in my room and made her as comfortable as I could. She was pretty drunk on the morphine and slept for the next few hours.
Around midnight she was awake and in a lot of pain, So I got her to take some water and got the first of the pain med's in her. I sat with her until they kicked in and she went back to sleep.
Sunday morning, I got up and she was awake and thumping the floor with her tail (I guess she was telling me that it was OK and that she did not blame me!). I got med's into her and she even had a half can of dog food. I got some water for her and she took that .
I had to work last night and I try to get a few hours sleep in the afternoon. But Daisy started to cry and I though it was because the med's had worn off, But she let me know that she wanted to go outside, By hobbling to the back door. So I took her out and carried her down the steps and put her down in the grass and she put her head in my lap (I think she was forgiving me!). She did her think and wanted back in the house.
 Jump to Monday....
I got off work and came home and took Daisy to the vet's for the X-RAYS. Came home and got a few hours sleep and called the vet around 1430. The vet said that the leg is broken 3 ways and because it was so high up the leg she could not splint it.
She talked about surgery and the cost of that started at $2,200.00! And there was no guaranty that it would heal right. So we decided to bind her leg to her chest and let nature take its time to heal the bones.
I will be taking Daisy in to see the Vet each Monday so she can rebind the leg and monitor the healing. She told me that Daisy could still loose the leg. We just have to wait and see.
Like I said, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!


  1. Oh man...I'm so sorry to hear this! Mistakes happen. Try not to be so hard on yourself. She knows you love her and would never hurt her on purpose.

    Know that you're both in my thoughts. I hope she will heal well and quickly.

    1. Bee Girl,
      Thank You! I got home from work this morning and Daisy was at the door to great me!
      She had a good apatite this morning, A cup of dry food (warmed in the microwave), half a can of dog food and 3 biscuits. And I think she wanted more.
      I wonder if she did this just so I could spoil her? She seems to have forgiven me and is always happy to see me.

  2. I hope you and your Daisy heal well and quickly. It really hurts your heart doesn't it I have been where you are, not once, but twice and it was the same dog. Bless her ole heart. Duffy lived another 10 good years.
    Take care, and try not to beat yourself up.

    1. Tea4tooO,
      One of the reasons I read a lot of Blog's is that there are others out there that have gone through some of the same things I have and know how I feel!
      You know only too well what I mean.
      Daisy is 10 years old now and the Vet said that she had some hearing loss and that was why she did not hear the truck start and get out of the way!
      I hope that the "Rainbow Bridge" is a long way off for her!

  3. Well, thank goodness you didn't! Dogs are forgiving of our mistakes. Let's hope the binding works. Sending healing thoughts to you and Daisy.

    1. Susan,
      You are one of my true friends and always know what to say!
      The night of my Stupid act, I was on the floor with Daisy talking to her and trying to make her as comfortable as I could. She placed her head in my lap and her tail was going 90 mph!
      Each day she seems to be getting stronger and more active. She even tried to jump up on the bed yesterday! She did not make it and I got to her before she had a chance to fall on that leg!
      The good Lord watches over animals and Stupid people!!

  4. Oh my! I saw this post a while ago, but it never loaded up so this is the first I'm hearing about Daisy! I'm soooo sorry to hear what happened!

    How is she doing now?

    1. Carolyn,
      She had her first check up with the Vet and the leg seems to be doing OK. There is fluid building up on the other side (because of the binding) and she drained it. If this cont., She will have to put a drain tube in next week.

  5. I recently found your blog through another that I follow Krazo Acres and have started following you.
    Tom, I'm sorry to hear about your sweet Daisy. I wanted to let you know, I had a similar type incident with my Great Dane years ago (as far as the broken leg).Maverick was his name, his leg was broken up high. I wasn't given the option of wrapping the leg to the chest to let it heal by nature. I was told the best was was to have surgery and back then it cost me $3,000.00. He had a stainless steel rod and screws placed on the outside of his leg to put it all back together. It healed but Maverick had problems with pain and all the medical(testing, drugs ect) ended up cutting his life in half. So it's a blessing you can go the route your going with Daisy. I will pray for Daisy for a healthy recovery. Tom, and I will pray for your heavy heart. Because I know Daisy is a part of your family. All of our animals are like our kids. We spoil them like crazy.
    I look forward to following your blog for updates on Daisy and stories about your worm farm.

    1. Sandy,
      Welcome and I hope to see you come back!
      Daisy is doing OK and the Vet is keeping an eye on her. The fluid build up is of a little worry and she has Daisy on Med's to stave off infection.
      The Vet wanted to do the surgery, But $2,200.00 was more then then we could put together. And that was only the start.
      So we are hopeful that the bone will heal on it's own and that it will not dis-tarck from her quality of life!
      She seems to be her old self and still eats like a horse! And she still loves to go outside! With only the three legs to get around with, it's a lot of work for her, But she keeps trucking a long!
      Med's are a part of the norm each day now and for the for future, at least until the bidding can be removed.
      Thanks again for stopping by and I will keep Daisy at the fore front of my posts for a while!

  6. Tom, found your blog through Sandy's. Sorry to hear about your fur-babies injury. You know, if you lived in town she could have been hit by a car....accidents happen. Don't beat your self up, she knows you love her. Can't wait to follow her recovery

    1. Katie,
      Hello and Welcome!
      It's kind of sad that I have to run over my Dog to pick up new followers!
      You make the second one who has come to my Blog from this and I hope that you come back to visit!

  7. Tom, quit calling yourself stupid! I hate that word. You are not stupid, you are human and it is a well known and documented fact that dogs lay under vehicle's and humans run over them. Hell,Henry Ford probably ran over his dog a time or two and it's happened at least a million times since by intelligent and responsible dog owners. Glad Daisey is doing well... you do the same.

    1. Spider,
      Thanks for the kind words!
      Daisy thinks that I wasn't Stupid and has forgiven me (or at least I think she has?).
      Next post... Daisy update!