Thursday, September 20, 2012

Egg Hunt

Hey All,
Remember when you were a Kid and on Easter Morning, You would get up and be all excited to get out there and find all the Eggs the Easter Bunny would leave for You?
Well I have that to look forward to each day! As I allow the Chickens Free Range, They do not always lay Eggs in the Coop. I recently found  clutch of 11 Eggs behind the Heat Pump and today I found a clutch of 18 under some Fence we had recently removed to move to another location!
I only find 2 or 3 Eggs in the Coop each and I knew that they were laying somewhere else in the yard. I just had to keep looking and hopefully would find the the Eggs before they went bad! The Temps have been very low the past few days (Lows at night have been getting into the 60's!) and The Eggs I found are in a cool place in the deep grass.
But that's what I get for allowing them to Rome all over the place! They seem a lot happier that way and they help to feed themselves!
The "Golden Comets" are working out very well and that Egg production is crazy! 160 Eggs to date! I have even sold my first dozen the other day! I have 4 dozen in my fridge right now and Terri has 2 1/2 dozen in hers! Good thing we all like Eggs!


  1. I loved egg hunts as a kid. Today? Not so much! Every once in a while, I will find an egg under a bush - and it's usually one of the new girls. Even finding them in their nesting boxes is a thrill every day, though.

    1. Susan,
      I have had problems getting signed into My Blog and wanted to reply to you first before I write a post I'm not looking forward too!
      But Your right, It's like a treasure hunt! But sometimes they find a place that I do not know about and I will find a clutch with a couple dozen.
      Numbers are up to 180 so far!
      Read my nwxt post and you will see why I do not want to write it!