Sunday, October 28, 2012

Build Site.....Or Swimming Hole?

Great Question?
Sandy the hurricane slowly came in late Friday and the rain started. That gave me enough time to get the Chicken coop addition done (For the most part!). A lite mist to begin with and then a steady rain with winds that is still coming down! And will  last Thu tomorrow.

And this is what the build site for the new shop looks like!!

Like I said..... Build site or Swimming Hole?

With more rain to come, This can only get worse. And no telling how long it will take for this to dry up so that I can get the sand and "Crush and Run" delivered and get the area ready for the building!?

The Hurricane season runs from June to November and today is the 28 of October. Only 4 days left in the season and She just had to make a trip up the east coast. She is still off shore about 200 N/M South South East of us and will not make landfall until early Tuesday . They say that will happen some where in"New Jersey".

When I said "Gully Washer" I was not Kidding. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there is no more rain after "Sandy" get's out of here! Hopping for sunshine for the next 10 days at least!

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