Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happenings 2

I'm Back!
To continue from where I left off.
In the last post I said I was doing some grading work up near the house and breaking new ground for next years garden.
Well here is the area where the new shop will go.

With the help of my friend and his bigger tractor we were able to get it down to the hard pan, about two inches down. I will have 7 tons of sand laid down and compacted and set the shop on 4' cement blocks.

The building that I'm leaning towards will  face this way with a 4' porch on the far end and a 48" door on the near end. Inside dimensions will be 14' X 20' and it will have a metal roof.

The company that will build it is, "Graceland Portable Buildings" and I will be ordering it in December. Why December? If I were to order it today, the down payment would be over $800.00. But if I order it in December, a little under $300.00. It's a special they run in December and I can come up with that easier the the higher amount.
I like the fact that the shop will have a metal roof and the floor skids are 4" X 6", by setting it on the 4" blocks, that will raise it 10" off the ground. This will aid in air circulation under neath and get it up away from ground moister.
I like the idea of the porch, where after a long day of wood working I can set and watch the garden grow and enjoy a few brews.
To the left of this build site, I will have a carport placed by the same company. But that's some way down the road. I will also install a Rainwater collection system on both to store water for the garden. I already have 6 55 gallon barrel's for that and I will post about that at a latter time.
So there are the things that I have been working on along with the new job (witch has given me the added income to do all this!).
So until next time, Have a great week-end!


  1. There is a LOT going on a WAC Farm! Having that workshop will be really nice for you - and I love the idea of a porch. We will expect big things to come out of that shop (and small things, too!) Glad to see that Daisy is still coming along fine.

    1. Susan,
      Yep, Can't wait until it is set up and I can start working on the inside. Wiring, lights, shelves and all the little stuff that will make it mine.
      And I can get all that wood working stuff out of my living room!