Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hey every one,
I know that the past few posts have been all about Daisy and Luke. But really there are other things going on here at the Homestead! I even took some pictures to prove it!

Eggs have been happening!

The original chicks I got in April will be 31 weeks old on Monday and I got my first egg on July 16. And not another one until August 2.

I was up on Crags list one night and saw an add for "Golden Comment" At 10 dollars each, I though it was a steal and I got 6 of them! I love the color of the birds and plan on increasing the flock next year with them!
 The "Comment's" are a Hybrid bird (a cross between a Cornish Rock rooster and a New Hampshire Hen) and they lay Brown Eggs. They were the same age as my other birds and needless to say, Egg production went way up!

Here are the 2 RIR's,  2 Brown Leg Horns and 1 of the Comments. At this point they were "Free Range". But when they started to lay all over the yard, I started to close the gate on the chicken yard. Back on 20 Sept I found a clutch of 18 eggs under a fence panel out back and another clutch behind the Heat pump of 11 eggs.

So the total of eggs so far is 308! That's a lot of eggs!! One of the RLH"S still get out and lay's an egg each day on the front porch. She had been cracking the eggs on the wooden deck, but I out an old rug there and she now lay's on it! SILLY CHICKENS!!

One of the "Comment's". They are very doesel  and like to be picked up. The birds were in a small pen and there was a lot of tail feathers missing. I have named one of the Hens "Little Bit" because she has yet to regrow any feathers back there!

Another shot of a Comment. I really like the tail feathers! White with a light brown stripping!
IN other happening's. Mark had the area back of his house graded and seeded. The tractor and truck belong to the guy that did the work. Mark also got him to grade the ditches along side the road to make it easier to mow that area. He will back on Monday to seed that area.
Another shot of the area. You can just see the grass has started to come up. Mark wants to put a Storage Shed/Shop and a Carport here.
So with all that in mind, I'm also wanting to put a work shop out back of my house. And this is a shot of the area where it will go. I spent half the day tilling closer to the house.
I want it closer so the electric will not be as long of a run. Once the Shop is in, I will get a guy to come out and give me a price on what that will run.

And this is the view from the house. This area will be tilled and leveled back beyond where the truck is and will have the shop and a carport placed here, and beyond will be next years garden. Can you see Daisy to the right?
Here she is making her way across the yard on three legs. It's been a month today that I did my STUPID deed and rolled over her with the truck. Had her at the Vets yesterday and she said that the leg was not healing very well yet. But she was not suprised at that because of Daisy's age and the fact that it was a bad break!
Here you can see how the Vet Has her leg strapped to her side and her paw in a sling. Thuis caused some fluid build up on the other side, But she put a couple drain tubes in last week and that has helped the situation. Daisy is still in some pain and she get pain medication along with Amoxicillin to stave off any infection.
Well I have run at the mouth for quite a bit and I still have a few pictures and up dates to post. But I will call it quits for now and try to pick this back up tomarow. Where I will show you the work I did to get the place where the shop will go.
So for now I'm tired and I want a couple beers! See you tomorrow.


  1. Oooooo! A shop building! Am envious.
    Glad Daisy is able to hobble around....maybe you should share a brew with her :)

    1. Carolyn,
      Yep, A shop. It will be pre-built and trucked to my place. I have always wanted a shop where I can work on wood projects and store stuff. But I would start to get the stuff to get it started and then find another use for the material. This way it will be done and I can make monthly payments on it.

  2. Congratulations on your chickens and the mass production of eggs. The place looks great, lot's of grading going on there. It's nice to have a shop close to the house. I hope everything pans out for you on making the shop.
    Daisy is adorable. She reminds me of last dog, Willie. They both have the same type of hair and everything, the only differences yours is female and mine was male.
    Give the critters a scratch behind the ears and have a great evening.

    1. Sandy,
      Chickens are a wonder! Collected another two this morning and I should get more this afternoon.
      I'm all Hopped Up about the shop. It will be 14 x 20 inside with a covered porch on one end (give me a place to sit and watch the deer and have a brew at the end of a long day!). I will post about it when it gets here, with pictures.
      Daisy is a sweet hart. The Vet thinks she is a Terrier/Lab mix.
      Will give them the scratch you sent.