Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rain (AGAIN!) and COLD (AGAIN)!!

Last Friday was a really nice day, 73 degrees and sunny! I was able to get a few pallets broke down. The new tool is so amazing! The best part is it doesn't do a lot of damage to the wood or bend the nails. Makes it easy to recycle them!

But Saturday a front moved in and the rain started and the temps took a dive into the 30's! Here it is Tuesday and we have not seen the Sun in 4 days! And they are calling for more rain tomorrow! Did not get a lot done outside and will have to wait for the swimming holes to dry up and the ground to stop being MUD!

So, I though I would show you some pictures of the new Babies. They will be 3 weeks old this Friday!

All 12 seem to be doing great!

Starting to put on some feathers and color

Some more so then others. The one in the lower center, doesn't have much color yet.

But tail feathers are coming in too!
I'm not sure what breed they are, Just that they are RED PULLETS. And when I move them into the Hen House, I will have 20 layers!
The older girls are still locked up in the Hen House, But seem to be alright with that for right now. I get 5 - 6 Eggs a day and the totals for the year are 342! When I have 20 layers, last years totals should be blown out of the water! And I hope to get a regular customer list that will buy Eggs from me!
I have been thinking about getting a Rooster and turning him loose on the Girls and see if they will hatch out some babies for me next year.
So that is the update on the weather and the new Kids.
I will close by saying, SPRING IS COMING!! At least I hope so!!


  1. Thanks Tammy,
    They are so much bigger now and I have to get a fence around the Hen house before I can take them out side. Take a look at today's (4/21) and see what I'm doing about that issue!