Monday, January 31, 2011

Yang Can Cook

And so can I! With my off the Homestead job, My normal days off are Monday and Tuesdays. And I help Terri cook dinner or (because she is back in night school now), I do the wole thing. So last Monday night I fixed dinner and had it ready when she and Mark got home.
Dinner was Chowder with smoked sausage and corn. The day had been cold and we wanted something filling and something to warm us from the in-side out!

Here you see my two taste testers. Eli on the left and Dodger on the right.
Also on the menu was a green salad and toasted sourdough bread.
And for desert......STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE!

I think they both liked the potatoes!

How's that for a single guy?
And tonight I cooked 7-layer dip with torttia chips! and wait until you see what I made for desert!!

until next time...Have a great day!


  1. Well shoot Tom! Can't you get over here and teach my hubby how to do that???

  2. Hey APG,
    just trying to show that it can be done. Check out my next post.....Desert with only two ingrediants! And its so good!