Saturday, September 3, 2011

Made it through Irene

Irene hit us last week-end and spent the whole time at work (11:30am Friday - 7:00 am Sunday). I'm in the security department and we and the maintenance guy's are considered "Alpha Personnel"! The water damage to the roof of the building was bad! The roof is being resurfaced and repaired and in the process a lot of material was removed before the storm and being as the roof is flat, we had to wear rain gear while in the warehouse!
The building is ONE MILLION SQUARE FEET of floor space and that means alot of roof! We got 10" of rain and alot of that ended up in the building, Thank God for floor drains!
As I was at work, Terri and Mark took Daisy and Luke over to their house to ride out the storm. Every one made it through all right and no damage to either house. But their were a lot of trees down (Pictures in next post) and the only tree near our place is a American Gum on the very edge of Marks place. It lost a few big limbs and I will have to get out the chain saw it clear them out of the yard.
The drive home that Sunday morning was very long and interesting! Trees down on the road and power lines down with them! We lost power for only one day and the freezers were kept closed, so we didn't loose anything. And the BBQ grill was used quite a bit.
The one thing that we hoped Irene would do was dump enough rain on the fire in the "Great dismal Swamp", But she didn't. Its still burning, But it is much smaller and the smoke isn't as bad.
And one other thing that was good about this past week-end, All the OVERTIME I made! A little extra money is always welcome!!
The next post, I will be showing pictures of the death of the garden and some of the down trees. The garden looks like it was hit by a bomb and the weeds have gone crazy! Not much to salvage, but I will get what I can and try to get the beds ready for fall planting. But I will have to see how that works out.
I will work on that post and get it up in a few days. Until then, be good.

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