Friday, September 9, 2011

Tree limbs

Yesterday was a long day! I had decided that it was the day to take care of the tree limbs that Irene had dropped into Mark's yard. As I said before, this tree is just over the property line, just north of mark's yard. So the limbs were hung up in the tree and on the ground in the yard. As you can see from the above photo, The tree had lost a couple of big limbs from the top.

And it is where it all landed! So I got out my new chain saw (Terri gave it to me two years ago Christmas!), First time I have had a reason to use it! I got started and had cut some of the smaller limbs out and loaded them into the back of my truck, When my neighbor Mike came over and said that his son was coming over with his front end loader to help!

And here he is taking the first load to the back 40, where I will cut it up later for fire wood.

That's taking a bite out of the problem! He accomplished in about 20 minutes, What would have taken me most of the day to get done! Thanks Mike and Kevin!!!

After the wood was gone, I took the tractor and bush hog and just chopped up what was left! It will break down and return to the soil. I and Mark cut the grass right up next to this area and I have always thought that I would clean this area up and just leave a few trees standing. There is the big Gum there and a Cider and Maple in there too. So while we were there, I cut out a few of the weed trees and under brush. I will continue to work this area with the bush hog and chain saw until I get it clear. Lots of work, But it will look so much better when it's done!

This it what we got out of the tree! The biggest part of the limb is the part near the bottom of the pile. There is a lot of wood there! And I would never have gotten that big part out of the tree without Kevin's help! It was up in the tree about 15 feet and a rope pulling with my truck wasn't going to get the job done! Thank God for great neighbors!!!
I was able to spend the rest of the day cutting grass! And when your talking about 6 acres of grass, I finished up this morning!
Now all I have to do is repair the carport that Irene tore up (It's where we park the tractor out of the weather). That will not be so easy!
Talk to you later!

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