Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter is back

Just two days ago it was 64 degrees and sunny. Today's high was 32 and with a wind chill......27! The clouds have blocked the sun for most of the day and it was just down right bitter out! Daisy, who normally loves it out side, Ran out did her thing (Quite fast, I might add!) and wanted back inside! Daisy.....Come on Dad, Open the dang door!!
The Holidays were here and gone before I knew it! I put in extra hours at work and spent more time there then I did at home! The people I spend the holidays with all were out of town this year, and we can not get together for our Christmas until next month!

2011 was a year that I would rather forget for the most part! Most of the Homestead goals were not met and the garden was pretty much a loss (Weeds, Deer and the crows got the most out of it!). The only goal I have set for the New Year is to keep better records of what I'm going to be trying this year.

The only thing that worked out were the WORMS! As long as kept the beds supplied with bedding and food, They did great! Lots of babies and this spring I will have to build two more beds to divide the two I already have! Casts production was really good and I have been adding them to the raised beds and the Lasagna Garden for the past few weeks. Hopefully this will help to control the weeds and allow me to have a decent garden garden this year!

The biggest problem with 2011 was the budget! Not enough coming in and way to much going out!!! Hopefully 2012, that will turn around and run the other way!!

Boy, talk about doom and gloom! Sorry!


  1. LOL! We had about the same weather today and I'm in the midwest. We hit 33 today with ample sunshine. We're forecast to get into the upper 40's later this week. Definitely NOT normal for here this time of year.
    I do hope you have a better 2012. I, too, was not sad to see 2011 go. Best of luck in this new year.

  2. Judy,
    Yep, cold (bitterly) here to! But back into the 60's by this weekend. I need that right now, I need to get some work done for the Worms. Check out my next post, Winter squash for the Worms!

  3. May there be much gardening for all of us this year! I need to do some work on mine to prep.

  4. We had subzero temps for a short time. Thank goodness it was a short time! I think that we all are hoping that 2012 is better than last year. Financially, gardenwise and everything else was stink-o last year. Time to get that positive thought machine going.

  5. Glad to hear your worms did so well. Dan is anxious to get ours started, probably once spring gets here for real. Record keeping is an excellent goal! That the main reason I blog, to keep track of what we're doing and when we do it. :)

  6. Lisa,
    Keeping my fingers crossed. I hope that 2012 is the year I get a woman back into my life!

    Today was 50 and tomorrow is suppose to be 64!!! Glad I waited to do laundry. Will be able to hang it outside.

    Do it now! In a 20 gallon tote on your back porch. And then move them outside this spring! Check out my next post, because I have a question for you!