Monday, December 6, 2010

This does not happen here!


This is the back 40 (only about 2,5 acres) and as you can see it needs a lot of work. But I kept telling myself that I would get to it later. Well later came and went and its still there. Now it will have to Wait till spring. The Bush-hog is down, needing repairs and the tractor is no fun ride in those cold tempertures.

This is looking across Marks place to the cotton field on the far side. That field was harvested just a few weeks ago and thay have stared to Bush-hog it for the winter. Some fields around here have not been done yet and if the weather does not warm up and get drier, the crops will be lost.

That's the back of my house. Can you tell the warmest part of the roof? Right over the stairs leading up to the second floor. Again by noon this was all gone. But still very cold.

The worm bed cover got its share of the snow.

But the inside is pretty full. I need to add some food stuff and new bedding tho. I hope to pull some of the worms out of here and transfer them to a tote I can move into the house for the winter. That way if the bed does freeze, I will not lose all the worms. I have a tote in the utility room now with about 3 lbs of worms in it. That one will get new food/bedding tomorrow. Torn newsprint and pizza boxes I think, along with paper towel rolls and egg cartons.

But like I said, This does not happen here!

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