Monday, December 27, 2010

Hobby and what I made for Christmas for Terri

On the long winter nights when its too cold to do much outside, I like to play around with my scroll saw. And this is a door topperI made for Terri for Christmas. The bear was cut out of recycled wood and is a segmentation cut. After cutting, each section out, its sanded and the edges are rounded and spacers are placed behind certain ares to raise them above the surface. Then its painted and finished.

And here it is after the first couple of coats of polyurethane. I have to admit that I did not do the painting! Terri is so much better at it then I am!!!. Is it a bad thing to ask her to paint her own gift? She enjoys painting and like I said, She is soooooooooo much better at it then I am!
There are are also a set of claws that I made to go with it. The Bear will go above her bedroom door looking out over the living room and the claws will go on ether side of the door. Its suppose to look like the bear is in the bedroom looking over the door. I really like doing stuff like this and her living room is decorated in the North Woods thyme. Moose and Bear's as far as the eye can see!
Just though I would give you a look see.

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  1. Terri is one lucky gal. The bear is great! I love the expression in his eyes. Really gives him personality.