Saturday, January 18, 2014


The Book Of THE YEAR

The first Thing that Leigh Said in her Intro was "This is not a how-to book" and I must Agree with her!
The next thing she said was "This book is about two people having a dream and taking the first step toward it!
And it is so much more then that!
For you who already read her Blog know that she is a great writer and this Book is a contenuation of that Blog!
With a lot of information and ideas that her and Husband Dan are making their Dream come true one step at a time!

If I were to use a star rating for this book, It would be in the hundreds.
It's a great read for the cold winter days for any one who is looking forward to Spring and have a Dream of their own!
The pictures and maps are wonderful and behind it all is the "MASTER PLAN"

Four and a half years ago, Leigh and Dan had a Dream and this Book takes you on the journey with them and she shows you with pictures and words how they are working towards the end of that Dream!
In her conclusion, Leigh has titled it "Doing What We Ought"
And what you OUGHT to do is read this Book!!

Leigh, I'm very proud of the fact that I'm a member of your Blog family and you did a great job on this Book!!
Looking forward to the next one

Tom Stewart


  1. Tom,

    I just love her blog, and I'm reading her book now in between working at our place.

    1. Sandy,
      When Leigh told me of her book back in early December, I though "What a great Christmas Gift" she has given us!
      I love her Blog and I now love her Book! This is one I will read time and time again! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Tom, thank you so much. That you love my blog and my book are truly gifts back to me. Your kind words and enthusiasm are so encouraging. Thank you so much for that and for being part of Dan's and my journey.

    I'm working on a "What readers say" page for the book. May I borrow a bit of a quote from you and link it to this post?

    1. Leigh,
      Please do! I love to see my words in print!
      I lisned to the radio program last night and enjoyed it very much! I wish the host had kept on subject more and let you talk more about the book and the journey!
      You have a very nice speaking voice and did not seem to be uncomfortable at all!
      I hope to take a road trip some day and ask you to sign my copy of your book!